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A good start to the day.

a fresh morning walk.

By Muhammad SafdarPublished about a month ago 1 min read
A good start to the day.
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The hush descends, a gentle hold,

As dawn awakes, the story's told.

A crispness lingers in the air,

Inviting steps, a silent prayer.

With sleepy eyes, the world I greet,

The sun's first blush, a golden treat.

On quiet streets, my footsteps fall,

A rhythmic beat against the wall.

The dew-kissed grass, a cool embrace,

As birdsong fills this sacred space.

A symphony of nature's art,

A melody that lifts the heart.

The world unfurls, a canvas bright,

With dappled light and morning's light.

Trees stand tall, their branches sway,

A gentle breeze whispers, "Good day."

With each inhale, the senses wake,

A peaceful calm for goodness' sake.

The weight of worries seems to fade,

Replaced by hope, a promise made.

The morning walk, a sacred rite,

A time to breathe, a moment bright.

Renewed and strong, I face the day,

With grateful heart, I find my way.


About the Creator

Muhammad Safdar

I'm a writer with a passion for both storytelling and connection. I believe strong relationships are the cornerstone of a fulfilling life, and I'm here to help you build one that thrives.

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  • Sherif Saadabout a month ago

    You are the best

Muhammad SafdarWritten by Muhammad Safdar

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