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It feels like

unspoken Fellings

By magic spinnerPublished 24 days ago 1 min read

When I first saw you, it felt like meeting an old friend,

When You touched me it felt like a divine embrace,

Makes me wonder if we are destined by the heavens,

I thank the stars for guiding me to you in this life,

I am feeling blessed for sharing this journey by your side,

When you smile at me every time,

a gentle breeze that stares at my heart feels like,

Your presence around me,

Feels like a comfortable embrace every time,

your existence reminds me that I am alive,

each separation feels like an eternity without you,

every minute was spent longing for our next meeting time,

meeting you again reignites the joy anew in me,

being just friends feels insufficient to be alive,

Words fail to capture the depth of my feelings,

So I strive to show you through my actions how it feels,

Drowning in the ocean of your eyes,

Is the sweetest surrender I could imagine,

I eagerly await the chance to pursue you,

But afraid of losing you in no time,

Slowly want to make you feel the same as mine,

Patiently paving the path of reciprocating your love,

I don’t know how good it will feel to make you mine,

But accompanying you on the way made me feel heaven-like,

I hope these unspoken emotions find their way to you in this life,

Looking forward to the day when you will be mine.

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    magic spinnerWritten by magic spinner

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