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A Different Path

by Shannon Meyers 10 months ago in surreal poetry

A Poem

A Different Path
Photo by Ugne Vasyliute on Unsplash

I've always been the type

To carve my own way.

I wonder why people travel

On the path lain out

By those before them.

I want to explore in the forest

To get lost

To see things no one has seen

Because they were afraid

Of losing their way.

Even I'm not afraid of that

No one lays treasure on a path that's well known.

I seek an adventure of my own design

To venture out and see what's out there.

Yes it's frightening

Yes it can be lonesome

When you're walking alone

Especially when it gets dark

And the fear of the unknown

Starts to nibble at your soul

But the sun always rises

And there's a new chance

To see things that only I can see.

Sometimes I wonder

What the beaten path would be like

Would there be less rocks to step on?

Less pricks from the pine needles?

But...knowing it's the same path

That everyone walks

Urges me forward.

I want to tell a story unlike all the others

I want to tell them that I made a new way

A way just for me

And no one can ever go my way

Because when you get off the beaten path

No two paths will be the same.

surreal poetry

Shannon Meyers

Shannon Meyers is a full-time freelance writer and indie author based out of San Diego.

Her book Fragments of a Broken Mind is available on Amazon. Check out ZPublishing's 2019 Emerging Writers Anthology where her poems are featured.

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Shannon Meyers
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