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A Delicious Escape

Immersing Oneself in the Process

By Calista Marchand-NazzaroPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
A Delicious Escape
Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash

Amber honey flows out from the jar.

Butter gleams with the shine of its thick new coating.

Creaming them together, I get lost in the luscious pulse.

Dreaming of a world where I can sink down into it -

Ease my body into the smooth, sweet mixture,

Feel the butter melt into my skin.

Getting my rubber spatula, I

Hold onto the dream for another moment.

I imagine,

Just briefly, I

Know what it's

Like to have this concoction folded over

Me like my sheets at


Oh to

Play in the airy dreamland of my thoughts.

Quietly, I

Reach for the

Single most intoxicating

Thing in the room and

Uncap the

Vanilla extract.

When will I again come up off my

X-axis like this?

You just don't understand until you feel the

Zest of the process.

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About the Creator

Calista Marchand-Nazzaro

Always learning and always evolving. I’m a creative, an idea person, a thinker, a dreamer, and working on being a doer. Many interests. Varied content. Food. Sustainability. Comedy. Poetry. Music.

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