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Peasant Life

A Day in Dreams

By Calista Marchand-NazzaroPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Peasant Life
Photo by Zwaddi on Unsplash

If only there were no dimes,

I would kick back and watch the sun move across the sky.

If only I had the time.

I could spend the morning on a rhyme,

Investigate the answers to every “why?,”

If only there were no dimes.

If I so desired, I could learn the art of mime.

But I am far too busy to even try.

If only I had the time.

I could get off of this ladder I’m forced to climb,

Not feel guilty to take a breath and just sigh,

If only there were no dimes.

If the feeling struck me, I would spend an evening listening to the wind chimes chime,

Painting a portrait of the moon up high,

If only I had the time.

Living life wouldn’t be a crime,

We would channel our energy into our passions before we die,

If only there were no dimes.

If only I had the time.

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About the Creator

Calista Marchand-Nazzaro

Always learning and always evolving. I’m a creative, an idea person, a thinker, a dreamer, and working on being a doer. Many interests. Varied content. Food. Sustainability. Comedy. Poetry. Music.

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  • Test5 months ago

    That was exceptionally well written.

  • Gosh this was extremely relatable! Loved your Villanelle!

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