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Best GoPro Accessories All Adventurers Need

You're ready to start recording all your crazy adventures, but you'll need the top-quality GoPro accessories in order to get the most out of your journey.

By Kioko LeoniaPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

GoPros are the future, dude. They're not just like any old video camera out there; they're action cameras made for adventurers like us. When I'm climbing a mountain or surfing or skydiving, I want the world to be able to experience it with me! And nothing quite captures it like a GoPro. Basically, if you're a travel blogger or just have a lot of people that like to keep up with your adventures, you should have a GoPro. They also make for some of the top Father's Day gifts for a tech savvy dad.

I have to admit though, not everything you need comes in the box. It's not enough all by itself, especially if you do more rugged activities like mountain biking or rock climbing. I can't be holding my GoPro while I'm trying to hold onto the mountain! So I picked up some of the following GoPro accessories to make my vlogging easier.

Few products are going to top the quality that comes with official GoPro accessories. One of the biggest problems that any adventurer encounters when filming with a GoPro the first time is how bad the wind can sound. I hate to admit it, but GoPros were built with video quality in mind, not sound quality. That's why a lot of vloggers just play music over the GoPro footage.

But if you're some place where you really want to capture the sound, but it might be a bit windy, get a WindSlayer. It won't cut out 100% percent of wind sound, but it will reduce it considerably, which is all we can ask for.

GoPros are usually meant to be on the move with you, but sometimes you want to just plant it somewhere and let it take videos of whatever is going on around you. In order to get the perfect shot, you'll need one of the best tripods for traveling.

The GorillaPod by Joby is a great option, since it's super flexible and can stand almost anywhere with its rubber grip feet. Yes, that means you can just wrap it around a tree like a creepy spider if you want to. Whatever angle you want, you can get with your GoPro attached to this thing.

When you're biking, or better yet, snowboarding, you should always be wearing a helmet. You want to bring your GoPro along for the ride, but you need your hands! That's where a helmet mount, one of my favorite GoPro accessories, comes in.

Simply attach your GoPro to this mount, then attach the mount to either the front or side of your helmet, and go! While it's attached, you can even adjust, rotate, and aim it. This guarantees you'll have a great variety of capture angles. As a bonus, it's compatible with literally all of the GoPro cameras, so you don't need to order a specific one. Just slap this one on and get to boarding!

What's better than attaching your GoPro to your helmet, you ask? Attaching it to your body! The Chesty, as it's so delightfully called, gives your shots a really cool perspective. You can see more of your arms and equipment if you're skiing, or get a more eye-level shot of your kid if you brought one along on your adventure.

This is definitely considered a more "immersive" way to film. Plus you can move your head around like crazy without the GoPro also moving around like crazy like it would if attached to a helmet. It's pretty much the perfect way to go hands-free if your activity doesn't require headgear.

This is an Amazon Choice, which means it's a top of the line product, balancing quality and price perfectly. It's no wonder, since again, it's one of the official GoPro accessories. And you're going to want a high quality product if you are bringing your GoPro out surfing with you!

Just imagine if, in the middle of catching a huge wave, your mount failed and your GoPro went flying off into the endless abyss of the sea! I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it! Fortunately, the official GoPro surfboard mounts have excellent reviews, so your camera should be safe. It also includes an FCS compatible plug so you can mount it to the FCS center fin socket on a board. Perfect!

For once, I'm recommending a third party accessory over the official GoPro one. That's because the housing case by Kupton is just as good as the official GoPro one, but way cheaper. It's a #1 best-seller on Amazon for a reason. I'd love to make a "Honey, where's my super suit?" joke since that's what the official one is called, but alas, good prices win over good jokes every day.

We know GoPros are lightly waterproof, but if you want to go diving and snorkeling, it's better to have a casing for it so that you're safe, rather than sorry. This one can be submerged up to 45 meters (that's almost 148 feet for us Americans)! Just be sure you have a GoPro Hero 5 or 6, since those are the only models this casing is meant for.

As I mentioned earlier, GoPros were not built with sound quality in mind. Sure, they capture sound, but it's not... good. Fortunately, GoPro is aware of this, and they made one of the most important GoPro accessories on the market for people who card about sound—a mic adapter.

Anybody who really cares about sound quality will already have their favorite mic, and with this adapter, they can simply plug it into the GoPro. The best thing about ordering from GoPro officially is that if you get a faulty one, you can simply return it and get a new one, free of charge. Knock-off brands can't compete with that.

We're back to official GoPro accessories! Highly rated, popular, and with a low return rate, you can't argue with this product being another Amazon Choice. This is the perfect accessories for all my fellow mountain bikers out there.

This clamp attaches to your bike's handlebars in literal seconds, and you even get the ability to rotate the camera. That's right, it's not stuck facing in one direction. You can capture the road in front of you, and then turn it to the side if you're riding past a lake or something to get a gorgeous view. Ninety-four percent of reviewers gave this a four or five-star rating, so you know it's top of the line. Mount your GoPro to your bike with this and show the world what you can do!

There is one kind of annoying thing about filming with a GoPro, and that is when you don't want to capture every single moment. You have to, normally, reach your hand to the GoPro to turn it off and stop recording. This isn't always possible, especially if you need your hands for your activity or the GoPro isn't actually near you, like sitting on the hood of your fast car.

With the smart remote, though, you can stop the camera when you don't need it on and conserve your battery for when things get awesome! You can also quickly change settings and the remote works from up to 600ft (180m) away! Also, for some reason, if you have 50 GoPros, you can control them all at once. Talk about master of tech.

"Oh man, I really want a lot of different GoPro accessories, I can't pick just one!" Have no fear, dear reader, for the final entry has everything you could want and more: an entire accessory kit! Why make a decision on what to get when you can let this #1 best-seller kit do the deciding for you?

It comes with mounts, a tripod, wrist straps, a selfie stick, and more. It even includes one of the best GoPro bags that are perfect for your travels! These aren't going to be as "high-quality" as the official GoPro accessories, so I wouldn't recommend them for really high-risk adventures, but for your daily fun, this pack is perfect considering the jaw-dropping low price.

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