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  • Sara Aulds
    Published a day ago
    Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make...

    Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make...

  • Flying Ace
    Published 7 days ago
    Favorite Shots

    Favorite Shots

    So a little backstory about this shot. We were at the zoo and I really wanted to test my camera out and see if I had any potential to be a photographer, and this was one of the shots of the day. When I showed it to my father, who knows a little bit more about photography, he said you can't even see the frog but I told him thats kind of what I liked about this shot. I've always liked to capture or look at images that kind of show the mysteriousness of nature.
  • Rhiannon D'Averc
    Published 9 days ago
    How to take portraits like Joel Meyerowitz

    How to take portraits like Joel Meyerowitz

    I recently took the Masters of Photography masterclass by Joel Meyerowitz, and I learned a lot from both watching the videos and going through the homework assignments. With each lesson, you are encouraged to go through and try to put things into practice yourself. Here’s some of what I learned, and why it has helped me to become a better portrait photographer.
  • Sophy Geno
    Published 10 days ago
    Macro photography with your phone!

    Macro photography with your phone!

    I for one always find my self with the best photography material right in front of me, yet I am without my professional gear. Luckily many people have improved on this situation and created apps and even portable macro lenses for Android and iPhone's!
  • Jody Holman
    Published 14 days ago
    Stuck at Home?  Use the Time to Capture Those Kids!

    Stuck at Home? Use the Time to Capture Those Kids!

    To me, there are few things in the world more fun that attempting to capture a child’s true essence with a camera- that fleeting moment that can never (especially with kids) be planned. The look that says it all, the glimpse of genuine curiosity or glee, even the tears and the tantrums, will remind us forever of the person they were and have become. And now that we have a LOT of time at home with them, take advantage!... While shooting kids is always a bit of a game of luck, here are a few tips to make it easier, whether you are a budding pro or a parent with a camera.
  • Haley Bice
    Published 16 days ago
    Power of Photography

    Power of Photography

    “No photograph ever changed anything all by itself, for photographs are highly dependent creatures and their influence is entirely contingent on words, circumstances, distribution, and belief systems “ is quoted from ‘under the influence of photography’ by Goldberg. This quote explains a lot about why the photograph ‘Dali Atomicus’ by Phillippe Halsman has a great cultural significance. It has such an importance culturally because it not only explains a lot about physics, looking inside the idea of suspension, but it also has a cultural impact because of the context behind the image and its important message. The photograph’s message seems to be that if you work hard, the product you end up with will be worth it. This image affects me personally because of the message it portrays in such a joyful way.
  • Princess Buttercup
    Published 20 days ago
    When life feels bleak...

    When life feels bleak...

    I never thought I’d see the day where life seemed bleak for the entire planet. I’ve been oscillating between moments of fear and panic, tears streaming down my cheeks, to joy and gut-splitting laughter when video chatting with family and friends.
  • Amelia
    Published 23 days ago
    Top phone photography tricks!
  • Adrian Praljak
    Published about a month ago
    Capture Your Screen With Snagit – Advanced Version Pack