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Top 23 Father's Day Gifts for a Tech Savvy Dad 2018

by Katie Marchbank about a year ago in product review

Gifts for a tech savvy dad are not as hard to come by as you might think, so surprise him with a new gadget this Father's Day.

Top 23 Father's Day Gifts for a Tech Savvy Dad 2018

Father's Day only comes around once a year, so if you're anything like me, you'll want to surprise your dad with a great gift to show him how much he means to you. Even though my dad is in his 70s now, he's not exactly behind on the times when it comes to technology. He did teach me how to use a computer, after all. Of course, I still have to show him how to change the settings on the TV when the picture looks weird, but it's a give and take. And speaking of giving, I want to give him something for Father's Day that's both modern and easy to operate. After digging through the burrows of the internet, I think I've found the best gifts for a tech savvy dad that money can buy.

If you don't know what the Amazon Echo is at this point, you're behind on the times, and your dad is probably more tech savvy than you. If you're looking into making your home a smart home, the Echo is the first place you want to start. Echo can play music, order you a Lyft, buy you something off of Amazon, control your temperature, call someone... Okay, I'm getting rambly here. Basically, the Echo can do a lot of things for you, and you only need to use your voice. Your dad will love it—he won't even have to get off the couch to order a pizza!

If your dad loves listening to music out on the porch, you'll want to get him one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers. The BOOM 2 wireless speaker has amazing 360-degree sound, is waterproof and shockproof, and connects with Alexa! So if you already got your dad an Echo but want the music to play from this awesome speaker instead, you're covered. It has a 15-hour rechargeable battery too, so it'll last your dad's entire too-long nap outside in his recliner; that moment really does make it one of the more priceless gifts for a tech savvy dad.

Who needs to buy a smart TV anymore when you can just buy a nice regular HDTV and attach Amazon's Fire to it? No longer a stick, the cool pendant design can stream all your favorite content in 4K, and the remote is voice-activated. My dad can simply say, "Alexa, play British crime shows," into the remote and he's set for the night. At least that sounds more interesting than most sports movies.

Better for an indoor speaker system than an outdoor one, the Sonos One is one of the most perfect gifts for a tech savvy dad who is ready to have the same music playing in the kitchen that he was just listening to in the bedroom. Just like some other wireless speakers, it's Amazon Alexa compatible, which means little to no effort is required on dad's part. "Play The Beatles" will get him exactly what he wants, and "Ticket to Ride" will come in even clearer than it did back when he saw them live.

My dad still has a Charge HR and he desperately needs to upgrade. That's where the Charge 2 comes in, which I also have. Together we can be fitness buddies when he goes on his ten-mile walks! (I'm not kidding, my 70-year-old dad walks ten miles a day. Sometimes more.) This wearable fitness tracker keeps an eye on your heart rate, number of steps, calories burned, and more. Don't let your dad begin to neglect his health as he gets older!

"Phil, where did you leave the keys?" was always followed by a resounding, "Uhhhhhhh," by my father whenever my mom needed to use the car. I should've gotten this for him a long time ago, but better late that never! The Tile Mate tracker is one of the top gifts for a tech savvy dad because it's both easy to use and probably the cheapest thing you can get him while still feeling like you got him something he'll actually use. Attach the tracker to your keys and open the app to find them, or touch the tracker to find your lost phone and make it ring, even on silent!

Once my mom and dad got smartphones for the first time, they loved learning how to take pictures with them. They never knew how to actually get the pictures off their phones and into a frame though, and walking them through the process was a hassle. Not so with the NIX digital photo and video frame. It's really easy to just plug in a USB or SC card into the frame, and bam, you've got a slideshow of photos and videos ready to go. This frame even shuts off automatically when you're not home so you're not wasting power. How convenient!

Everyone's dad is particular about the thermostat. It's just one of the known laws of the universe. Put the power fully in his hands with Nest's Learning Thermostat. It learns your schedule and what temperatures you like best, so after a while, your dad won't even have to touch it anymore. And if he wants to, he can do it from his phone! Nest is also proven to save energy, which means lower power bills at the end of the month, which means a happy dad. It's one of the better gifts for a tech savvy dad for Father's Day for sure.

Alexa is invading everything, including coffee makers, and I'm not even mad about it. You don't even have to get up to make yourself a cup of coffee anymore. Just tell her you want it, and bam, she connects to Behmor's smart coffee maker, and you're done. Now if only she could bring it to you... I'm sure that'll happen sooner rather than later. Your dad can even integrate it with Amazon dash buttons so when he's low on coffee, it automatically orders more. Your mom will never have to yell at him for forgetting to pick up coffee at the grocery store again, and we all know a happy mom makes for a happy dad.

My dad was so impressed with his tablet the first time he got it, so I'm sure the Fire Tablet is one of the great gifts for a tech savvy dad in your life too. It has over two million pixels in that screen, and dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which means your dad can stream his favorite shows without interruption. And if you have an Amazon Prime account, your dad can have access to millions of books, magazines, TV shows, movies, and songs at no additional cost. At a crisp 1080p, it's a gift for dad that he'll surely love.

Tech gifts for dads wouldn't be complete without something he wasn't expecting. At first, opening this, he might be like, "Really? You got me a lightbulb for Father's Day? After all I've done for you?" No, dad, listen, they're smart lightbulbs! Like anything popular these days, they work with Alexa. You can turn the lights on and off, dim them, and even change the color with just your voice! Soon he'll forget all about how disappointed he was there for a minute while he revels in the novelty that is voice-activated lightbulbs.

Lots of dads pick up new hobbies after they retire. Get him something that will let him express his creative side with this Canon mirrorless camera. Maybe include a photography class with it, and send him off running. This camera, in particular, is a good balance of high-quality photos and easy to use capabilities for beginner photographers. It connects wirelessly to your computer, phone, and other devices so he can transfer his newfound photos with ease.

Maybe your dad is the adventure type—if so, one of the best gifts for a tech savvy dad has to be a GoPro. The all-new HERO6 version has 2x the performance quality of the HERO5, with 4K60 and 1080p240 video. It also has the best visual stability tech on the market right now, so no matter what shenanigans your dad has gotten himself into, the picture will be smooth and clear. It's even waterproof up to 33 feet, so he really can take it everywhere with him.

Phew, all these cool apps and stuff for your phone have really drained the battery! Have no fear, though, Samsung's Qi is one of the best wireless chargers for iPhones and Androids on the market, so your dad's phone is as good as charged. He probably spent all of Father's Day playing around with his new toys, and now his phone is dead. As long as he has a compatible smartphone, which any tech savvy dad should, he can simply lay it on top of the Qi charger and let it sit for a while. No annoying wires to be found here.

While this makes both coffee and tea, it definitely is geared more towards the tea lovers. I honestly half want to get this for my dad so that I also have access to this beauty. That would be kind of selfish, but not unheard of! Plus my dad really likes tea too, so this is a win-win for both of us! Gifts for a tech savvy dad should be super advanced, and Gourmia's coffee and tea maker is definitely that. It has different settings for tea strength, so you don't have to worry about your tea brewing too long and then having to choke down more leaf in your water than you were expecting.

Now this is one of the best gifts for a tech savvy dad if I've ever seen one. Every dad loves that smoky flavor on his meat, vegetables, and even cocktails if he's daring, but unless he's somewhere where it's always appropriate to grill outside, he can't always have it. That's where this smoking gun comes in. It's pretty easy to use, and if he's watched enough episodes of Chopped where the chefs get fancy and start smoking things, he'll already know exactly how to use it.

Alexa somehow got even better with Logitech's Harmony Remote. Not only can you control her (and your entire smart house) from the comfort of your bed, your dad can mess with the lights from across town! He'll make sure you're not sleeping in with all the lights off because he can just turn them on! Plus he can group things together on this remote to be activated a simple command like "Good morning." That command can open up the blinds, turn on the lights, get that smart coffee maker brewing, and turn on some classical music, or whatever else he likes. Give him total creative control!

Gifts for a tech savvy dad wouldn't be complete without a set of headphones with great sound quality. The music-loving dad in your life needs some of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones on Amazon, so Bose's QuietComfort headphones should do the trick. They're noise canceling too, so he can pretend he's listening while you complain about your breakup for the 40th time, but not actually have to hear it again. They have a 20-hour lifespan too, so his daily Bon Jovi music marathon won't be interrupted.

Now this is a speaker system. Even my dad, who lost some of his hearing from working in tanks during the Vietnam War, will have no trouble hearing out of this system. When surround sound first came out, it blew our minds. While it feels standard now, when it comes out of a system like this one, you can capture that same mystical feeling all over again. Even if your dad has made himself a giant entertainment room (read: man cave), he'll be able to hear it all loud and clear from any spot in the room.

"You FORGOT to lock the door AGAIN?" Yes mom, he did, but if I get him the August Smart lock for Father's Day, he'll never forget again. And guess what? We've got another device that works with Alexa, Amazon certified! That really does make it stand out among the best gifts for a tech savvy dad. The best part of this smart lock though, I think, is you get to keep your existing lock and keys; that's right, no replacing needed. It attaches onto any deadbolt lock, locks automatically as your leave the house, and unlocks as you approach. No more turning around halfway through your road trip to go lock the door!

Forget those cheap, plastic, disposable razors and get your dad a razor he deserves; a smart one. It can read and adapt to his beard, and "shaves in one stroke what others do in two." So your dad can save time in the morning, leaving him more time to thank you over and over again for what an awesome Father's Day gift you got him.

This might be one of the best gifts for a tech savvy dad and a tech savvy mom. Really, whoever does the cleaning around the house will be thankful for the iconic iRobot Roomba. It captures fine dust and debris while avoiding furniture, objects, and people so that everyone remains undisturbed while it quietly cleans up around the house. It even learns which areas of your home are considered "high traffic" so that it cleans those areas more often and with greater power. Technology is truly amazing sometimes.

And, finally, we have the Rylo 360 video camera as one of the final great gifts for a tech savvy dad. With both an Android and iPhone version, no matter what kind of phone your dad has, he can capture 4K 360 video in a way no other camera can. It has some really cool aftereffects that he can play around with in the editing stage, like controlling the camera's perspective after the fact.

Of course, any gift you get your dad for Father's Day is sure to go off well if you give it to him from the heart. Think about what he likes, his hobbies, and needs, and you're sure to find something to make his day.

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