Katie Marchbank

Just trying to take down the patriarchy while playing video games and eating too much pasta. 

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DIY Home Upgrades That Cost Less Than $100
6 days ago
Pinterest has become infamous for starting a huge trend in DIY home upgrades - many of which might require you to have professional-level skills to do. If you're good at what you do, and don't mind sh...
Dear Theresa, Who Are You?
21 days ago
I'm not from the UK or even Europe at all. I live here in grand ol' America (sarcasm emphasis on grand), though I do come from Europe (born, but not raised, in Moscow, Russia). I've heard a lot about ...
10 Ways to Protect Your Bodily Autonomy
a month ago
People seem to be obsessed with taking away a woman's bodily autonomy. It's why there's a war on abortion, why many pharmacists refuse to hand over birth control, and why doctors might even lie about ...
Best Ray Bradbury Books
2 months ago
If you didn't have to read one of Ray Bradbury's books in high school, who were you? Whether it was in an English class or for summer reading, most students have had to pick up one of this author's no...
Empowering Movie Characters Who Are the Only Child
2 months ago
People always talk about empowering movie characters, and how, when growing up, it's important to have a healthy diet of fictional role models to inspire one to greatness. They often talk about femini...
Best Video Games Never Made
2 months ago
When people think of the best video games never made, very often we look to the distant past, at big studio games that had displayed such potential, only for development to be canceled. Anything can g...