Katie Marchbank

Just trying to take down the patriarchy while playing video games and eating too much pasta. 

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Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2017
a month ago
Revealed in November of 2016, the Nintendo Switch released early this year in March to critical acclaim. It's the amazing handheld-home console hybrid that has been sweeping the nation. While in the b...
Dear Donald, We Will Stop You
3 months ago
"I wonder what would happen if Trump actually did become President. Is that fucked up to think about?" Yes, past Katie, it was fucked up to think about. You were so damn sure of Hillary's presidency t...
Best Alcoholic Cupcake Bakeries in NYC
3 months ago
If you had to choose between alcohol and cupcakes, which would you pick? Wait... why do you need to choose? Don't, because the newest craze that's sweeping the nation is alcoholic cupcakes. For those ...
DIY Home Upgrades That Cost Less Than $100
4 months ago
Pinterest has become infamous for starting a huge trend in DIY home upgrades - many of which might require you to have professional-level skills to do. If you're good at what you do, and don't mind sh...
Dear Theresa, Who Are You?
5 months ago
I'm not from the UK or even Europe at all. I live here in grand ol' America (sarcasm emphasis on grand), though I do come from Europe (born, but not raised, in Moscow, Russia). I've heard a lot about ...
10 Ways to Protect Your Bodily Autonomy
5 months ago
People seem to be obsessed with taking away a woman's bodily autonomy. It's why there's a war on abortion, why many pharmacists refuse to hand over birth control, and why doctors might even lie about ...