Katie Marchbank

Just trying to take down the patriarchy while playing video games and eating too much pasta. 

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What It's Like to Be: A Mime
3 days ago
You know 'em, you love 'em, and you prefer them over clowns: Mimes. You typically think of mimes as a dude in a black and white outfit and makeup, trapping themselves in an invisible box, and trying t...
10 Best Teas for Anxiety and Insomnia
3 days ago
Anxiety is never fun. A lot of people might think that you're "nervous," but anyone with anxiety knows it is so much more than that. Your heart is pounding, thoughts are racing through your head, and ...
These Smart Interior Air Quality Monitors Can Help You Sleep Better & Cure Your Allergies
3 days ago
Arriving at home should be a relaxing experience, but if you're finding yourself coughing more indoors than outdoors, there might be something wrong with your indoor air quality. You might just think ...
10 Amazing Non-DC or Marvel Superhero Movies
4 days ago
While DC and Marvel are currently the kings of the superhero genre, they aren't the only ones to take a crack at the crime-fighting heroes we know and love from their various comic iterations. None of...
11 DIY Cat Houses You Can Easily Make
5 days ago
We all know that feeling—we spend a ton of money on buying our cat the most beautiful, soft, expensive cat house we can find, only to see her more interested in an empty cardboard box than the $100 ca...
11 Easy and Delicious Ice Cream Pie Recipes
6 days ago
Ice cream pie is truly one of the most inventive ice cream desserts. Like yeah, ice cream is good, but what if we put it in a crust and ate it with a fork? Genius! Now you don't look like you're eatin...