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Why I Love Fasting

I fast for 28 days continuously a year

By KomalPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Why I Love Fasting
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What can be better than being rich in health? Indeed, “health is way more important than money”. If you want to read only my personal experience with observing fast then scroll down or if you want to read scientific benefits then keep reading.

Before I start explaining my love for fasting, I would like to mention that Scientific studies on the possible health advantages of fasting, or the practice of refraining from food or drink for a certain amount of time, have been conducted.

Here are several benefits of fasting that have been supported by science:

1. Weight reduction and better metabolic health:

By lowering calorie intake and boosting fat burning, fasting can aid in weight loss. It has been demonstrated to enhance cholesterol levels, blood sugar regulation, and metabolic health indicators including insulin sensitivity.

2. Cellular repair and autophagy:

Autophagy, which occurs when a person fasts, causes cells to disassemble and reuse damaged parts. This may improve cellular health and offer some defense against age-related illnesses.

3. Reduced inflammation:

Heart disease, diabetes, and certain malignancies are all linked to chronic inflammation, as well as other health issues. The reduction of inflammatory markers in the body caused by fasting may have preventive benefits against certain diseases.

4. Intermittent fasting may improve brain function and shield against age-related neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, according to animal research. Fasting may raise levels of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is essential for brain function, as well as the creation of new nerve cells.

5. Fasting can increase insulin sensitivity, making it possible for cells to absorb glucose from the circulation more efficiently. By doing this, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance may be avoided.

6. Potential advantages for extending life: Research on animals has suggested that fasting can lengthen life and enhance health span (the time spent in excellent health). While further studies are required to fully understand how fasting affects human longevity, preliminary data point to a possible benefit.

The above-listed points are well-researched.

Precautions: It’s crucial to remember that not everyone should fast, particularly people with specific medical problems, women who are pregnant, nursing, during menstruation, or underweight. It’s advisable to speak with a healthcare provider if you’re thinking about introducing fasting into your routine to be sure it fits your unique needs.

My personal experience has been incredible with fasting:

1. Since I have dealt with acne for a very long time and the best results were seen when I fasted. I wasn’t fasting purposely for acne but for religious reasons. Wow! And it reduced my acne too. I then discovered a thing called, “Intermittent fasting”, which is recommended to observe to get clear skin.

2. The peace of mind, I understand the annoying feeling when you want to eat the chicken which is being roasted with garlic but you can’t eat it because you are fasting. But after observing the fast for like 10 to 12 hours a day. When you finally eat and drink, it is so peaceful, and feels like you are being grateful for food.

There is no such thing as confusion in your mind. No trouble with decision-making. You can think creatively and come up with amazing ideas.

3. No bloating, no gas, no gut discomfort feeling. You feel healthy and energetic (probably not while you are on your 10th hour of fast but after breaking your fast).

4. You can lose weight if you want to reach your ideal goal if you were overweight.

5. You know the worth of food. And the special rewarding feeling while you break your fast. You realize how homeless people feel who have nothing to eat or drink, indeed, this makes you grateful for whatever you have.

6. You stop comparing yourself with others because you realize your own worth and know the value of mental health. Since you are focusing on your health as you are fasting.

The above-listed points are based on my personal experience and are according to my personal opinion.

I have never fasted continuously for more than 28 days. I at least fast for 30 days a year for religious reasons which improves health anyway.

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Thank you!

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