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Which is better, education, wealth or bravery?

Education should increase wealth

By kamal rajPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

Three friends lived in a town. One of them had no education, one had no wealth and the other had no courage.

These three were very good friends. One day they were walking through the forest.

They found a temple in that forest. It was a very old temple. It was without maintenance.

Seeing this, the three friends started cleaning the temple. After a long time, they finished cleaning the temple.

There was a beautiful goddess statue in that temple. Seeing it, the three friends worshiped the goddess.

The three friends prayed to the goddess and told them their grievances. The goddess immediately appeared before them.

All the three friends were amazed. Goddess I was listening to your grievances.

It said ask what you want and I will give you a boon.

Immediately a man asked me to have more wealth and become the king of this country. Immediately the goddess fulfilled his request.

Another asked me to have a hero that no one could defeat. It was immediately fulfilled.

Someone said I want education. Immediately the goddess gave you the boon that you will get complete knowledge of education.

The three friends went from there. As they asked, one became a king, one a warrior and one a scholar.

The three Great Ones who were together were separated. One day a king became jealous of the wealth he possessed.

They wanted to wage war on him and seize his wealth.

Lacking education and bravery, he lost his country and wealth in war.

A man of valor, he was thinking that no one can defeat me. He was unconquerable. No kings could defeat him.

One day all the kings hatched a conspiracy. They mixed poison in the food eaten by the hero. He had no education and ate the food they were drinking.

After eating, his arms and legs lost their function. The hero regretted the mistakes he had made.

After learning the lesson, the two went to the forest to see the goddess. Then the temple glittered with golden ornaments.

The two friends who saw it were confused. Only the three of us knew the temple inside the forest. They wondered who would come to this temple and put gold ornaments on it.

Then I heard a sound that the king is coming. I was surprised to see the king there. There came the third friend who asked for the boon of education.

The three worshiped the great goddess. The goddess came before them. The goddess said to those who received boons of wealth.

Both wealth and valor are perishable with time. Only education is immortal.

For one, firstly education, secondly, the wealth gained through education, thirdly, bravery to protect the accumulated wealth, all three are very important to live a life.


1. In order to learn good books, one must learn without guilt, and after learning so, one should stand in a manner befitting the learned education.

2. He who is highly regarded as having an 'eye' is an educated person; An uneducated person has eyes on his face but no eyes.

3. When others gather, it is the act of a learned person to mingle with them to enjoy themselves and leave them to think when and how they are going to meet him.

4. As the poor stand before the rich, before the teacher, the willing and humble learner is superior; He who stands like that and is not ashamed to learn, is a cynic.

5. As the spring water is dug, the knowledge will increase with continuous reading.

6.All countries are native to the learned; Every city is a hometown. Knowing this, why does one not study even till death?

7.Education learned in one birth is not only useful for that birth but also for seven births.

8.Scholars will want to learn more and more, seeing that the knowledge they enjoy brings joy to the world.

9.Education is the best indestructible wealth for one, and no other material (as such) wealth other than education.

10.Even if an uneducated person is naturally intelligent, the educated will not admit him to be superior in learning.


1.What is the use of such accumulated wealth for a person who accumulates so much wealth that he cannot buy a house due to insatiable desire and dies without enjoying it?

2.He who thinks that he can achieve everything with material things and then searches for them and does not enjoy them himself, and does not give them to the need of others, will have an incomplete demonic birth due to the unconsciousness of the person.

3.The birth of a person who wants to add more material than others and does not want fame is a burden to this earth.

4.He who has given nothing to others and therefore is not loved by anyone, what does he think that he will be remembered after his time?

5.Giving to the needy and experiencing the need for a person who does not have a lot of wealth is nothing.

6.He who lives without the nature of helping others without enjoying himself, will become sick even if he has material wealth.

7.The wealth of one who does not help a poor person who has no means is like a very beautiful woman living alone and growing old.

8.The wealth accumulated by a hated person and the fruit that ripens on a poisonous tree in the middle of the town are not different!

9.Others will take away the wealth that they have accumulated in an uncharitable manner, taking away the virtue of charity and regretting themselves.

10.If the rich, who are famous for giving to others, become poor for a while, it is like a rain cloud becoming poor.


1.Army, navy, air force, police force, which is full of defense units of the country, does not fear to get hurt on the battlefield, and the army that defeats the enemy is the first wealth of the ruler.

2.When a danger comes to their government, even if they are few in number, the bravery to stand and fight without fear of destruction is difficult for anyone else, except for their own countrymen who live from generation to generation.

3.Can you stand before the breath of the dragon, even if the rats gather and roar like the sea, howling enmity? In the same way, when the hero rises up, the vain ones fall.

4.A true force is one that is indestructible under any circumstances, not a prey to manipulation, and fearlessly determined by inheritance.

5.The name 'Bada' applies to those who have the power to unite and resist fearlessly even when faced with life-taking death.

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  • Shirley Belk2 months ago

    Good questions and great points. Enjoyed reading!

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