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A man who learned a lesson from a fox

Fox's smart shit

By kamal rajPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

A man was going to cut wood in the forest.

Then heard the roar of a lion from somewhere in the forest. The man started running in fear.

“Don't be afraid man! come here! I will do nothing to you,” said the voice.

Hesitantly the man went towards the direction of the voice.

There was a lion in a cage. Some hunters made a cage to capture the lion alive and kept a goat inside. The lion who wanted the goat got trapped in the cage.

Seeing the man, the lion said, "Man, release me from this cage... I will do you many favors."

“You are the one who kills and eats people. How can I free you?” said the man.

“We have a nature to kill people. I will beat you to death for saving life. Am I so ungrateful? Open the door of the cage without fear. I won't do anything to you," said the lion.

The man believed the word of the lion to be true. He opened the cage door. That's it! The ungrateful lion prepared to pounce on the man.

The man who saw this said, "Lion, is what you are doing fair to you? I believed in your words and freed you from the cage.

“I will tell a thousand lies to save my life. How can you believe that? Human beings are rational beings.

With that knowledge, should we not partially know that this is good and this is bad? How can I be responsible for your foolish actions?” said the lion.

“God will punish you. Is it fair to eat me who saved your life?” "It is not proper to behave like this to free you," said the man.

A fox came that way.

"Let's ask him for justice," said the man and told the fox the whole story.

“Our business is to beat and eat everyone. He let me out of the cage even though he knew it well.

He must suffer the consequences of this foolish act. What are you talking about fox..."

Hearing everything, the fox acted like he didn't understand anything.

“I don't understand anything when you say it like this. Tell me from the beginning,” said the fox.

Immediately the lion began to speak.

“I reached into that cage…”

"Into which cage?" said the fox.

"There it is in that cage," said the lion.

"How did you get there?" said the fox.

The lion went into the cage to be released. Thinking that this was the time, the fox suddenly pulled the cage door and closed it.

“Fox! What nonsense is this! You have put me in a cage again, claiming to be fair!” shouted the lion.

“You stay inside the cage without talking. I am not as stupid as this man. If the case is in your favor, you will beat the man first.

Then you will beat me to death. That is why I made you go into the cage and locked the door,” said the fox.

The ungrateful lion felt overwhelmed by his condition.

"Let the murderer rest in peace; I did not thank you for the son who killed me.” He who forgets the gratitude of someone is never exalted. So let's live without forgetting to give thanks no matter how big or small the help we get.

A hunter who came to hunt in a big forest prepared a trap to catch animals and went to continue his hunt.

Then a fox, unaware of the trap set by hunter, got stuck in it by mistake. The fox tried hard to escape. But the fox's tail got caught in the trap.

The fox said, "Life is big! No tail is big!" thought that. Life seemed to be the greatest in its mind.

So it (the fox) cut off its tail and ran away. Because of this, the fox who drank his tail was pained and ashamed. At that stage it went to where its fellow foxes lived.

The other foxes laughed at the fox who cut off his tail.

Seeing that, the fox who lost his tail said, "Friends! This is the fashion of today's modern world. How long have we been wagging our tails immediately. Do we not want a change in anything? Besides, because of this tail, we are all dismissed as animals."

A sage I met even said that if it were not for this tail, we would attain human strength, knowledge and the power of speech."

The other foxes who heard the words of the fox who lost his tail believed what he said.

"Everything you say seems to be true. We are all ready to cut our tails. But how do we cut our tails?"

Then a loud voice rang out from the fox crowd.

"Friends! This fox with its tail is lying. Do not listen to it. I am speaking the truth out loud, everyone listen.

Its tail got caught in a trap set by a predator and was cut off. I am a witness to that.

I saw that. It tries to deceive us by not telling us this truth.

We have to chase it down or even if we kill it, there is no escape, otherwise it will deceive us by saying such wrong things."

Immediately all the foxes got ready to kill the fox who cut off the tail. Seeing this, the fox ran away from the place.

Justice It is better to follow other people's speech only after it is confirmed that it is true. Otherwise, there will be trouble. Listening to the listener and not getting spoiled is the real experience.

Even if it is beneficial, give up the profit that comes from turning away from righteousness. The wealth of a righteous person will not perish and will be safe for his people.

The difference between this one being righteous and this one being unrighteous can be known by their wealth, fame, and the discipline of their children. Evil and good have been marked before everyone; It is beautiful for the witnesses that the heart knows this and that justice does not fail.

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  • Test3 months ago

    I liked your writing immensely; it was outstanding

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