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What Makes You Productive

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By AD AshPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
What Makes You Productive
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Assume you wake up one day, and your father asks what you want in your life son? So, you just reply that I want to be like this, or I want to be like that in my life. At that instant, you share your inhibition with your father. But somewhat you just confuse in your mind. Yeah, you said that to your father about your interest, but you also know, that whatever you said to your father is for the sake to answer the question.

Now, rewind yourself and think again about what you want in your life. Still don’t know the answer? it’s okay no one does. See, confusion is not a bad impulse or thing, but too much confusion is very stressful for your well-being. Worrying about your future is very common among all humans. Sometimes, you know what you want to-dos, and you don’t feel that confident. We don’t feel the same all the time, that’s why I love this quote “It’s Okay to Be scared You have to do it anyway.” It’s just an amazing quote that tells you that fear is not a problem the only problem is your approach. You can change your approach by applying these rules.

Discipline: We often talk about being in discipline, And most of the time we know that how important is to be in discipline. But as a human, we have a kind of dogma to follow others in terms of adapting something. Like take an example of your phone in order to buy it, you read its configuration or ask your friend about it. Look, I don’t say here that you have to stop taking advice absolutely not. What I mean to say is You want to be a disciplined person, not your friend. So, stop observing others follow the habit, You need to understand that ‘Your problem is Your problem’ not others. The most profound thing about being in discipline is that it will help you take your own decision and enhance your persona in your friend circle or in your office.

Work done: To be good in approaching things, you have to observe your work percentage means you have to maximize your work to do more. But the question is how could you maximize your work? A simple answer to this question is it depends on you. Everyone has their own way to do work like I maybe work 10 or 12 hours a day. But it doesn’t mean I will only do work on that certain period of time. Here is a thing; We often assume that we do a lot of work, but in reality, we just following our daily routine. So, from next time when you start doing work then observe your time of concentration at work. When you know your concentration-time then, slowly increased it day-by-day.

Information: Being informed about something is always good for you. Let’s assume that you go to watch tennis with your girlfriend but you don’t know the rule of tennis then, you just sit there. Information is very important to do anything. Knowledge is an exquisite form of human psychology. You often notice people are most attracted to those who always talk about something unique or informative that added value to the conversation. But here, some of you think that where do I get those kinds of knowledge? Simple all you need to do is making a habit of reading. And be specific about your topics so that you can give something different to learn.

Communication skill: A good communication skill is very important for anybody. Good Communication is always made your existence in any place and clear your stand about something. so, that people can take interest in you. You maybe think communication is talent, but trust me it’s not. When you feel nervous to talk with someone then, just think about what happens if I talk to that person, maybe he walks out. So, what? is my life get stop absolutely not. All you have to do is take a step.

Fitness: Believe me or not but physical appearance always matters. Being in shape is always helps you to do more, A fit person does twice more than any other usual person. Look, fitness is not all about making a body, if you do regular exercise then it’s enough for you.


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