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Learn The Art of Optimism

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By AD AshPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Learn The Art of Optimism
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To be Positive is a very generous and essential aspect of any human mind. Positivity gives you a profound feeling of satisfaction in your brain. As humans, we’re more likely to take pressure or resolve the hurdle in our day-to-day lives. But not every time you feel the same way, Sometimes you feel happy, sad, angry or just confuse. These all are the blend of human emotion, or let’s just say they all have their perspective in terms of human emotion.

Emotions are extremely complex feelings of humans. We express our emotions through our feelings, like if we’re happy our happiness express through our facial expressions. But like every other thing, not all emotion is good for us. To balance all the emotions, we have to focus on the positive aspect. Positivity is not something that you’ll get very easily perhaps, it’s almost impossible for some people. Look, positivity is hard to major because some people are don’t think positively like some people have the stigma to think negative in any situation. You need to understand that you can’t just change the outcome, all you do is change the way you think or approach things. When we do something with our full potential, we think that if this thing doesn’t work, we don’t know what we are going to do. This feeling of wariness leads us to a sense of negativity, That’s why we have to learn about Optimism.

What is optimism?

Optimism is the art of being positive or be happy. As we all know to be stress-free is a very important aspect of ours live. But Nowadays, we don’t even have time to think positively because of our work, studies, business, and so much other daily activity.

But it doesn’t mean that we’re just stuck in a circle. We often see a lot of people who just seem very positive all the time. Then, we think that man why is that man seems happy all the time? They just practice one thing, which we won’t, the art of being optimistic irrespective of the situation. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t ever get sad, they do but not for the long. So, how do they just get recover from their problems? To know the answer to this question I ask a person who practices optimism. I ask what’s your secret to being positive? He smiles and replies very sweetly just assume that you have only 24 hours to live then what will you do? I say I try to spend most of the time with family. Then he replies ‘exactly’ that’s how I just forget my problem by assuming I have only 24 hours to live.

Benefits of optimism

If we talk about the benefit of optimism, There are a bunch of discovery that tells how beneficial is to be optimistic like:

Improve health: A study tells that an optimistic person has multiple health benefits like better immune, physical strength, low risk of cancer, and so on. We know how important it is to be healthy, but we just don’t give so much attention to health. But we have to take it seriously.

Good Mental health: Research says that an optimistic individual is more likely stress or depression-free rather than others. We all know that how devastating is stress to be, we barely concentrate on anything if we feel stress. But we can be stress-free by caring for our mental health. You need to know that most of your body health also depends on your mental health so keep your mind healthy by practicing optimism.

Motivation: A optimistic person always has good ways of tackling problems in comparison to others. The exquisite thing about optimism is that it gave you self-motivation. We often think that motivation is not a long-term thing. And yeah maybe you are right, but it’s also right many people do get motivated all the time by being positive. Motivation and positivity are two propositional things.

Long lifespan: The important feature of being optimistic is you can live longer than a normal human being. We all know that literally, no one is immortal but it doesn’t mean that you cannot live long.


If you want to be optimistic, all you have to do goes on the internet and search for how to be optimistic. You got various methods to be optimistic. But in the end, it’s all up to you, Remember change is very essential to grow in life. If I want I could write this article as long as I want as other bloggers do. But I won’t change that’s why I only write about the aspect, not a method. Remember, if you determine to get anything then, there is a high possibility that you may end up getting that thing.


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