What kind of society do we live in?

A place where anger, hate and trolling controls our lives.

What kind of society do we live in?
Social media that's where it all begins..

We used to live in a society where people belived in one another. We used to live in a society where comparing one another wasn't a thing. We used to live in a society where everyone was accepted. We used to live in a society where hapiness existed.

Nowdays social media has become a place where trolling, hate and anger has taken over inocent peoples lives. It's horrible to say that social media is trianing us to compare our lives, instead of letting us appreciate the things we have right now. We live in a world where everyone is over exposed and living off false accusations. Where social media has killed the value of privacy, friendships, morals, relationships and human connection. A society where so many people have become comfortable with disrespecting people, invading their privacy, exposing their secrets and chipping at their incent lives and getting away with it. A society where social media has created false illusions, creating jealous behaviour, feeding off false lies. Sadly some of us are envious of things,relationships and lifestyes which dont even exist. A society where everything is put on social media for the whole world to know.

We live in a place where we are being hated for our Appearance, Gender, Sexuality, Mental Health, Success, Our lifestyle. Friendships are lost, families are lost, ourselves are lost just because a comment has been made which didnt have to be made. A place where we disrespect eachother, force eachother to do certain things for "clout and fame", where we choose to be friends with people who are successful and use them for your own fame, where we choose to hate on someone who worked their hardest to get where they are, where we hurt eachothers feelings, Break eachothers hearts, Expose secrets when in anger, these things have consequences.

We live in a place where people hide themselves behind an app. Where people feel as though they have to hate on someone to get attention. Where people feel the need to comment when someone is at their weakest, Everyone has bad days, Everyone makes mistakes, Everyone has their faults, We are all human!

We live in such a place where anger takes over, bitter jealousy, cruel trolling, hate and most of all draining our brains and loosing inocent people.

You can be happy in an unhappy body, You can be sad but have a happy face, You can fake a smile with just one post.

I hope one day this society would stop tearing each other apart. How we treat people in real life or over social media is literally a matter of life or death please be kind stop all this negativity and horrible trolling. We are all human. We are far from perfect. Just like everyone else we are here to live the best life not to be torn down to pieces over false accusations. Think before you speak. Words can weigh you down and tear you apart.

I hope one day people realise the impact they have on people when they say a hurtful word, I hope one day people realise that people have feelings and emotions, I hope people realise that feelings exist, I hope people realise that Mental Health, Bullying, Trolling has horrible consquences . I hope people realise that their hurtful, mean, unnecessary comments break down people's Mental Health to the point where they don't even want to live anymore. I hope people realise that us as a community need to bring the world together to stop this horrific Social Media trolling and envading peoples business and private life and making silly stories up to hurt someones feelings and bring them down and hurt them in so many ways.

This needs to stop we want to live in a world full of love and peace, where negativity isn't a thing, where pure happiness and love takes over any other emtion and feeling, where being judged isnt a thing, where being fake isnt a thing, where being you is enough. There is to much hate in this world, Too many people involving themsleves in a buisness that they have no involvment in.

We need to free people who are feeling unwanted, free people who are suffering, free people who are feeling lonely, free people who are thinking they are worthless. So create friendships with them, check in on them, and make them laugh and smile.

So instead of commenting on a post that has no invlovment of yours. Call a friend, Text a friend, Walk to their house and knock on their door, share the love to people you know are suffering, treat people with respect, build friendships with new or old friends, share the love with everyone, tell someone you love them and are there for them. Check in on people. Be kind. Stop hiding behind the hate and start bring the positivity to the world.

So let people spread there wings and be happy. Let people get on with their lives. Let people be themselves. Lets stop this Bullying once and for all. If you're feeling sad, unhappy, lonely, depressed, worthless and you want to talk my messages on facebook, instagram and whats app is open.

Please speak i understand the hurt and the pain i have been through it. I want to make new friends and help people so please please message me for anything. I'm here to listen and to support and most of all help take away all the negativity. Facebook- Erika Jayde Busson Instagram- Erikajaydieee and my email- [email protected] For my number just message me. I'm here to help you're not alone.

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Erika Busson
Erika Busson
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