Waking Up at 4:30 AM

It's not easy, but if you do it for just one week, you'll create a lasting habit.

Waking Up at 4:30 AM

You all know how it is. Your alarm rings. The snooze button is right there. Why break with the routine of waking up at six or seven to wake up at 4:30 AM? Here I am, it's my seventh day attempting to wake up at the allotted time, the navy time, army time, marine time, boot camp time, and I can't do it. Today I woke up very late. Mostly because I am a freelance writer and find it comfortable to wake up late.

I am now trying very hard every day to wake up at that time. I see that it's way better to wake up before everyone else does and have more time, productive and creative time to myself. As a freelance writer I have found it extremely difficult to be productive waking up at say 9 AM every morning.

Creative juices work way better before sunup than they do when the morning dew has already set, and sifted away by the morning sun and winds. I'm definitely going to put the extra effort every day and motivate myself to accomplish this goal. My therapist has told me how creating habits doesn't take more than one or two weeks depending on how strongly you make the choice you are trying to implement in your life.

I for one am just sick and tired of living a mediocre life, not getting enough clients, not being as productive as I can be, not staying in shape and becoming healthier. I tried it for a couple of days and the results were just amazing. I started eating better. I started exercising again. I started having a totally different life in a matter of just days. I want that. I want to live like that. Not for the money. Not for the success. But for myself. For my happiness. I am no longer going to jeopardize the possibility of living a much better life because of my inability to do something as easy and simple as waking up before dawn.

I will get angry at myself if I have to. I will pep talk myself out of bed. I will do anything and everything I can to make it a habit in my life and just get it done. Not for my work alone, but for the exquisite feeling I get from knowing I am even for one day ahead of everyone else, ahead of my old self, living life again, giving things another shot at greatness and feeling self-accomplished.

I mean, just think about it for a second. If you have passion for writing like me, and find purpose in using your creativity to help others and possibly even change the way people think, to inspire them and to give them something they can enjoy, the writing in the comfort of your home waking up at this hour is just bliss. Maybe you are not strictly just a writer. Maybe you are a athlete. Maybe you're a teacher. You can get it done.

I for one find it very liberating to just grab my cup of coffee, sit outside in my porch and start writing. I have divided my day in two parts: One for writing and the other for getting clients and building my relationship with them, the latter taking up less time than the first. I go from 5 to 6:30 AM writing. Just writing. I don't care what I write. I will find something to get my mind set on and work on it. Especially if it's a job, but I also have developed different ideas, personal ideas, which I want to work on. Like my books. Believe or not I have five books I am simultaneously writing on my free time whenever I am fulfilling may daily work cap to meet my deadlines on contracts I have committed to.

I will find a way to make those books successful. Whether it's a minimal success or a massive one, I am increasingly finding a major sense of accomplishment just doing what makes me passionate about life. But that's not all. I am also writing different scripts for three movies. Whether I can somehow makes a short film about my ideas or somehow successfully sell the idea into a feature film, I am happy, I am producing and I am working.

I for one became very stressed and felt like something was eating my life away when I had to work a 9-to-5 every weekday. I mean, I really put an effort into these jobs, whether it was as a cook, delivering packages in a box truck or doing customer service, I just became sick of it. Now I find I can both follow my passion while making a living out of it.

Even this article is an example of that. I had an app pop up in my Instagram feed telling I could make money writing articles for this site and so I did it. I also have my other source of getting jobs from writers.work, but I thought, why not? As I write this article I am watching Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie. I don't get bored, I don't feel pressured, I can just write while watching a movie that I love. That to me is an ideal job. To be able to watch movies while writing is something find that helps me stay focus and entertained at the same time. It just really helps me get things done.

But whether you wake up at 4 AM or a little bit later, creating the habit of just waking up early gives you a boost through out your day, believe it or not. Doing this has a built in enabling action that extends to the rest of your day. If you beat the snooze button through out the day, you automatically will feel stronger and more decisive to take on healthier habits for that one day. Try it!

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