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Vocal Insights Once More

One Year On, A Follow Up To My First Vocal Insights Post

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 5 months ago 3 min read


When Insights were introduced there were complaints that all the possible responses were defined by Vocal, but since then Comments have been introduced.

Like Hearts, you do not know who has left those Insights, so they are nice to get but you are not sure where those things have come from. Sometimes you will get one Comment and an Insight so in that case you probably know who has left the Insight, although, again, that is still not certain, one person could have left the Insight and another may have left the Comment.

No Insights

The thing is nowadays I feel a slight disappointment if I don't get an Insight left, maybe it is just part of my insecurity that makes me feel this way. Even though I have a lot of positive comments the devil inside me tells me that my work is not really that good, though I do know that is not true.

Then I get Insights like the one below. I have not sure how many people contributed to this, but this actually makes you feel good about the piece of work that you have produced and shared on Vocal.

This was followed by a lot of comments, so I know that this story must have been worth reading and my work is fairly up to scratch. The comments are the most insightful feedback we receive (I know we do get a lot of link bombing) but I do feel that adding Insights is a very nice cherry on the cake.

It only takes a few seconds to leave and certainly makes me feel more valued as a Vocal Creator, but I am not sure how other people feel about this. If we don't use it, is it worth having? Personally, I think it is, and I think it is part of leaving our feedback that has a greater depth when used in combination with other Vocal Creator comments. This is one of those things that have limited, or little use alone, but when combined with the comments starts to become useful, as part of the whole feedback.

The comments in the Facebook Vocal groups are also useful as well, and until Vocal added Comments, were the only way we got detailed feedback about our creations.

Gushing Insights

I was almost shocked when I saw this but it did make me feel very appreciated by my friends and audience.

I would love to know what others think about this and if they feel that it is worth leaving Insights. I always leave Insights and a Comment to make the Creator of the article feel they have done a good job, and if they are a new Creator I also leave a dollar tip as well.

I know Vocal is still nowhere near perfect, but it is an excellent writing platform. Most issues are resolved (although there are still some that are ignored) and I find it an excellent and rewarding creative platform, and the Comments and Insights show me that I am going in the right direction.

I am nowhere near the finished article as a writer but Vocal gives me a platform to keep trying and hopefully improving.


I hope this will tempt you to leave Insights. YOu may have stopped because you have left a comment, and that is more than understandable, but even if you click a single thing on Insights, that will brighten someone's day and make them feel more appreciated.

Think how you feel when you see an "Outstanding" Insight, does that not make you feel good about your creation? It makes me feel good.

It would be ironic if this piece got no Insights, but I am sure it will.

I've included "To Win Just Once" by The Saw Doctors because that is how I see good Insights. It also provided me with inspiration for one of my Top Stories which I have added to the end of this one.

Some Resources

The Vocal Insights Resource

My first post on Vocal Insights

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • Gina C.5 months ago

    I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with insights. As you said in the article, you can't tell who leaves them, so they are kinda mysterious. Also, one thing I really don't like is how they can sometimes change depending on who left the latest insight. To me, the biggest compliment is getting the "outstanding" (😅), but every once in awhile, someone will come along and change it to "nicely written". I feel like if insights are going to be displayed, they should be displayed in a graph format, where you can see who left certain insights. This way, everyone can leave their own insight if they wish, but it won't change the ratings that others left for you. I feel like the current way it works is rather meaningless.

  • I've been on Vocal before comments came along. Adding insights were equivalent to commenting so I always make sure to add them. Now that we have comments, I still add insights because I'm used to it. But I don't worry much if I don't get insights now. I focus more on reads, comments and hearts.

  • I have to admit, I'm a bit divided on Insights. I like clicking off all that I think apply, but find that I'm frequently clicking many if not all of them. And what does it mean when it keeps happening. Does it become a matter of that's just what he does to make someone feel good? And then there's the issue of "Easy to follow". Sometimes I think it would be an insult when someone has caused me to linger & ponder & plumb the depths of what they've written & what it means to me vs. what I think it might mean to them or others. I find this frequently true with poetry. Still, I believe I shall click all the Insights I find appropriate & leave you to decide for yourself whether they mean anything. BTW, if you can't already tell, I really like the article.

  • I like to know if my words have left an impact, positive or negative. We're all social media junkies, aren't we? We love getting that little red number. We love that dopamine hit, that faux-connection with other people. I think insights feeds into that. I try to ignore them, but I find it hard! And you're right, they are encouraging.

  • Donna Renee5 months ago

    This was really interesting! I have a different take on this… Personally, I don’t care about insights much at all and almost never leave them unless I don’t have anything I feel like I can honestly comment on. For example, if someone writes something really well but I totally disagree or didn’t enjoy it, I can still leave insights about it being well written or easy to follow or something. Comments are really the big thing for me because they are usually personalized to the story they are left on. I guess I feel like I get random feeling insights more often from people I dont know? And then they feel like just a “click click click” done thing? Sometimes people I know (from a fb group or something) will say that they left insights and then I do care about them though because I know they came from people who actually read the story and who I respect 🥰. I left insights for you on this one and will try to do that more now that I know you like them! 😁

  • Judey Kalchik 5 months ago

    Something interesting- I wanted to give the first insight but couldn’t submit it from my phone! Well done

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