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Top 4 Healing Crystals To Attract Peace In Your Life in 2022

by Silena Le Beau 7 months ago in healing · updated 5 months ago
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Heal your inner peace and change your life with these amazing crystal.

Are you like most who struggle to find inner peace? Did you know that there are tones that can actually make you feel serene and tranquility? Does anxiety and depression make it harder for you to feel calm?

Although this world can be challenging you can take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of knowing that there are crystals and stones on Earth that can help you

Crytals and gemstones can be used for so much more than making eye-catching jewelry pieces. Crystals have long been used for comfort and support. Stones for peace of mind. Inner peace is essential when facing the daily stress and distractions of modern life. Healing crystals are a unique and effective way to achieve this.

Why Gemstones are used to achieve inner peace ·

In an overly stimulated environment, it is fairly easy for a highly sensitive person to lose themself, get stuck in their head, or feel restless constantly. So personally, I highly recommend this form of positive energy for anyone looking to release stress, anxiety and negative draining from energy vampires that eat away at your energy.

You will discover 4 gemstones here that promote feelings of peace. Keep in mind that when you're looking for a stone that's best suitable for the action you want, in this case, its peace, you'll want something that brings forth vibrations of calm, peace, and bliss into your life and is an excellent stone for healing both the mind and body.

THE FOUR A's that bring peace effortlessly to anyone who utilizes them are as follows Agate, Amethyst, Amazonite and Aquamarine. In this article you will learn more than just what each stone offers. These particular crystals are so powerful that they are able to dispel negative energy while enhancing the feeling of tranquility.

With the four crystals below, you can find peace again and add better focus on yourself once again.

1) Agate · Known as the stone of Balance and Stability. Agate is amazing for it's its ability to provide stability as well as grounding. It was originally, used to protect one from outside “negative” energies, in other words, anything that comes at you from outside that you would prefer to keep out of your life. Nowadays many people have opted to use agate as a focal point during meditation, or hold it in their hand during meditation and experience double the positive energy filling them up and raising their vibrations at a faster more accelerated rate.

2) Amethyst · Known as the stone of Tranquility and Spiritual Growth. One of the most commonly used crystals for peace. The Amethyst gemstone has a calming, cleansing, and protecting effect. It has a deep purple color and is related to the clear quartz. With an amethyst, it is easier to get in touch with higher energy in a great way. Purple is a powerful color and has always been associated with royalty ans spiritual growth and that is why I've always loved the amethyst stone and wear it daily as a ring, necklace or even a bracelet. So, if you suffer from mood swings, anxiety, or are struggling to find a solution to a problem, amethyst will guide you, while also offering you emotional balance. This high vibration crystal cleanses the aura of negativity.

3) Amazonite . Known as the stone of Hope, Calm and Communication. It is a soothing stone that brings peace, harmony, and truth. It calms the brains and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health. One of Amazonite's astounding abilities is how it increases your self esteem and confidence and clears any negative thoughts away. Its also a terrific balancing stone, for our masculine and feminine energies that we all possess. This is a highly popular stone used to dispel and soothe emotional trauma, negative energy and alleviates worry and fear. Amazonite assists in universal love and is also used to treat bouts of fatigue, trauma or anything else that may take energy away from someone.

4) Aquamarine · Known as the stone of Serenity and Courage. Aquamarine has been used as a tool to bring wellness back to every corner of the body since the moment it was discovered. The aquamarine crystal is thought to help wearers of aquamarine experience stress relief, suppressed emotions resurface and instilling a sense of peace. Other benefits of using or wearing aquamarine include the ability to better and more holistically heal from emotional trauma through naturally calming the tempers of conflict. Aquamarine gives you courage when you’re oversensitive and feeling paralyzed emotionally and mentally.

Life Can Throw Curve Balls

Granted, in our fast-paced modern world, it can become a difficult daunting task to achieve inner peace. The main reason why utilizing healing crystals and stones have become very popular over decades is simply because they are wonderful for promoting inner peace and putting you in a relaxed state of calm.

These amazing, peaceful and calming stones listed above all help to promote a sense of peace and serenity, and they can be used in a variety of ways. Here's a few examples of how to use crystal healing in your daily life:

  • around your home to create a peaceful environment
  • Wear crystals (jewelry) to bring you peace throughout the day
  • Place under your pillow or bed, or on the bed side table or in kids rooms to promote peaceful sleep
  • held during Meditation an important daily practice for developing a peaceful mindset which allows you to clear your mind of worry helping you remain calm

In essence, in adding these stones to your daily regimen, they help you to remain connected with your true sense of self, which in turn makes you feel calmer and happier....


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