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The Write Way

by Lenita Marxsen 21 days ago in self help

At least my way to write

The Write Way
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Have you ever experienced those moments where writing feels like a basket of words that don’t fit together? Or you are playing a game of articulation, but nothing can be articulated? It’s been a long time coming, but over the years I’ve found ways to help launch myself into the write-mindset for the job at hand! Let me share my ideas with you.


The ring from a small bell dangled against the door. The room smelt of old pages and stuffy air. This was a second-hand bookstore. Piles almost reaching the ceiling. For a second I thought those piles were the pillars of the bookstore – would have been a cool feature! Labels allocating themes in different aisles and walkways. Not that it much mattered, the place was an organized mess of books. Though I found what I was looking for, a publishing guide. Upon checking out the serving-man asked me,

“Are you a writer?”

Pausing, but for just a moment, then responding,

“Yes. I am.”


While I studied Criminology one of the core theories covered was the Labelling Theory. Now if this theory is used in the way of promoting characteristics in a judgemental fashion against others in society – than that would be a very unfortunate use of the theory. If, however, the theory is used in a positive, uplifting way, then I believe it would reap great rewards for the individual using it. For instance, the moment in the bookstore. Now I could have started to explain myself saying –

“Well, yeah but no - not really. I’m not a published author.”

See how demeaning to self that comment is? Instead by stating:

“Yes. I am.”

I am empowering myself. I know I am a writer. I know my skills and my desire to learn more and be a better writer. I am purchasing a publishing book because I believe in my skills and content that could go further than myself and I need to know the next steps. An empowered person creates movement and change, not a person who is unsure and doubtful.

Let’s just take a moment to define the act of writing.

I write. I enjoy writing. I don’t have a huge audience. I long to be a greater writer. I attend workshops, training, do extra study, practice, practice, and more practice. Participate in challenges. I certainly do write.

In accordance with the free dictionary, online the need for the suffix ‘er’ is to create agency from a verb.

With this in mind. I do the writing work or performance. And so, I am the writer. I am not published yet. Though I believe that was obvious with the book of purchase, thus not necessary to state to the serving-man.

In the same way, a person may enjoy the expression of movement through dance. This makes them a dancer.

Think about how you as the writer would explain the art of what a character is doing in a scene. Are they acting? Then possibly they are an actor. Other words can fill in if needed for instance,

“Suzie was filled with sorrow as she overheard comments behind the curtain expressing her skill as an amateur actor.”

But in this circumstance, Suzie is still an ‘actor’. She is clearly trying to get somewhere.

“I am a writer.”

The same principle goes for the other writers here in vocal. Class yourself a writer! You perform the action of writing; you are a writer. Acknowledge yourself. Give yourself credit! Realize where improvement is needed, get more training, learn, increase the skill, and become an even better writer.

*Virtual high five to fellow writers!*

But that act of writing, that’s all part of the process. So often when I studied counseling units, I would hear it stated: Enjoy the process. Trust the process. I would think to myself what does that mean? Now through my writing journey, I believe I have gained a better understanding.


The path seemed long, distant, and highly improbable to access. Far over yonder, there was the glimmer of a door, a light, the longingness of the end.


Have you ever experienced that feeling when it comes to writing? I certainly do between the moments of action dipped into the next scene. Or changing perspective view and returning to my main camera the key character. I sit here and think good grief what will I write about this time? How can I make this flow? How can I say what I need to say without it seeming daft and out of place?

When moments such as these arise, much like that long aching distance. I am aware of what the result will be, but it is the here and now where I am stuck. By taking a step back I can reassign. What did I last write about? Okay, check that off with my progress plot tracker I allocated for this story: Check. Then I go to find relevant pictures. If I’m writing about futuristic things, I look at engineering, technology, and robotic things. If I’m writing about nature, I google the specific nature to then look at images or better yet listen to the sounds in nature. This is a helpful method to reboot and launch my writing back into the task at hand. (Sure a cup of coffee can do a similar effect. I also find smells a good way to drift away momentarily then return to the zone. Especially if that smell is relational to my writing task!)

As an extra note, I find this tip useful in everyday life. When a situation has become too busy, too hectic, or too overwhelming, I step back reassess, remind myself of how far I’ve come, and focus on something in the present that is good, happy, and cheerful. Then I move on.

For example: If feeling overwhelmed. I look around and notice the trees standing before darkened clouds. Instead of letting fear come in with the thought of:

Will I make it home in time before the storm hits?

I can think to myself,

Later there may be rain, what a blessing in this dry season to get some rain.

Then I might even describe what I'm seeing, as a way to keep my ideas of writing fresh.

Always learning is my key input to living. When I get stuck, I aim to find a solution. I hope this sparked motivation for others and a chance to feel rewarded for how far you've come.

Happy writing journey =)


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Lenita Marxsen

Life is intense, as is suspense!

Stay tuned for mystery, suspense, supernatural, fantasy, crime, psychological, humour, and attempts at new things!

Some Non-fiction pieces for motivation, perspective, advocacy, human life stuff!

Australian <3

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