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The Science of Living Rich with Frugality: Frugality Builds Definite Wealth

by Estalontech 3 months ago in success / social media / self help / quotes / happiness / goals · updated 3 months ago
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Hongkong Tycoon Mr Li once told his son: “My apple tastes different to yours. It tastes much better.

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Frugality Wisdom with the right mindset will focus Wealth as Thought and Not things ,

as most meaningful manifestation of frugality is in the use of our time, our words, our thoughts and our actions.

Hongkong Tycoon Mr Li once told his son: “My apple tastes different to yours. It tastes much better.

That is because when I was a little boy, I passed by fruit stands, and I had no money to buy any fruit.”

He further elaborates ;

“Observing billionaires spending their money, we learn a lesson in living:

Life can be designed . Careers can be planned .Happiness can be prepared .

When you are poor , try spend less time at home and more time outside .

When you are rich ,stay at home more and less out side .

This is the art of living with frugality .

When you are poor spend money on others .

When you’re rich spend money on yourself.

When one is poor be good to others , When one is rich, one must learn to let others be good to you .

You have to learned to be good to yourself better.

When you are poor , you have to throw yourself out in the open and

let people make good use of you

When you are rich , you have to conserve yourself well and don’t let people make use of you.

You do not need to be afraid of being poor , you need to know how to invest in yourself

and increase your wisdom and stature .

Could you use more money? Of course, who couldn’t?

Whether you are struggling to pay the bills or want to put away some cash for a trip, you really only have two options:

1) Raise your financial output.

2) Cut your monthly expenses.

It is easier said than done to increase your income. The average pay rise hardly keeps up with the rising cost of living and inflation. When healthcare costs are factored in, it is no wonder that many people are seeing a decrease in their take-home pay.

You can increase your salary by working your way up the corporate ladder, but this may take some time. And how safe do you feel in your job in this age of widespread layoffs?

You can look for a higher-paying job elsewhere or work two jobs at once. If you ask someone who has relied on temporary work to make ends meet, but… It will take a toll on your energy and force you to sacrifice some leisure time.

If you can get your monthly expenses down, you will probably experience less stress overall. Finding ways to reduce costs and save money is easier than you might believe. We need only exercise our imagination and perspective.

Put your finances on paper and be completely transparent about where your money is going. The odds are good that you will be shocked. Most people constantly waste money without even noticing it. Inquire within…

Is the blouse I am currently wearing the best deal I could have gotten?

Was there a way I could have gotten that brand new car off the lot for less money?

Will I be able to retire when I am ready, or will I have to keep working until I die?

I am hoping the responses you gave were yes, no, and yes. If you did not do it, you probably wasted a chance to save cash.

Not everyone is taught the importance of saving money and building a safety net for their future. After all, it is not something that is covered in class. If you want to improve your financial status, consider the following recommendations.

Make a list of your top priorities. Identify the things that are most important to you.

Would you like to stop working sooner rather than later?

Can you afford a larger home?

travel to a faraway and wonderful place?

You need to choose what you want to achieve financially, and then keep that in mind anytime you go to make a purchase. You should really think about whether or not spending $5 on a latte is worth delaying your goal.

Consider the following ways to cut costs:

Is it possible to refinance your mortgage to a cheaper interest rate if you already own your home? In spite of the fact that they have been slowly rising again, current interest rates remain exceptionally low by historical standards. If you refinance, you may be able to save several hundred dollars.

Can we talk about your credit cards for a minute?

To save a substantial amount of money each month, consider moving your balance from a high-interest credit card to one with a reduced interest rate. These days, you may find cards with introductory APRs of 0% for a whole year. To make the most of the 0% APR period, transfer the balance and make the largest possible payment. Keep your balances low at all times.

The credit report should be monitored regularly. One’s credit rating is crucially important in many ways. If there is an issue or an error, how would you find out about it?

You need to keep a constant eye on it. As soon as an error is discovered, it must be fixed.


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