The Bliss of Being Alive

Have you ever felt so grateful to be alive that you started to cry? This is the experience that I want to show people how to find.

The Bliss of Being Alive
"Ignorance is bliss, but wisdom is the bliss of feeling alive."

Bliss is simplicity. It is the core of our beings. Bliss is what you feel when you get rid of all the unnecessary thinking and worrying that we do. When you get rid of things that are doing you harm you uncover the joy that is within you. It can then shine out through you. Drop everything and become aware of what is unfolding in front of you at this moment. This is how bliss is found.

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I went for a walk today as I usually do when I feel the need to reconnect with life. I have been doing this since I was a kid. When I was young I would experience random moments of bliss and peace. I remember gazing out over the lake with the sun shining and glimmering on the water without a thought passing through my mind. I remember it so vividly. I felt alive, I felt at one with life.

I can clearly remember all the times I have experienced the bliss of being alive. Every detail of those moments are engraved into my mind.


When you fully experience the present moment bliss emerges. Your mind stops thinking, you become aware and alert. Endorphins are flowing through your system. (Life's rewarding you for being still.) I used to believe that when I experienced these moments of bliss that my brain was going on overdrive. In some ways it actually is. In reality, it's just that I stopped thinking. Therefore, endorphins could be released.

Anyways ... Back to my walk today. I experienced the same thing once again. It reminded me of when I was a kid. My mind stopped thinking and I was completely at ease in the here and now. I think that life gives us these feel-good chemicals in our brains to reward us for giving life attention. Since life happens in the now, if you enter it deeply you get rewarded with bliss.

On my walk, I was listening to the sound of my footsteps on the ice. I was naturally drawn deeper into my body by giving attention to what was around me. It's as if there is a little game that life likes to play. Once you start playing the game with life you both end up winning.

As I focused on my footsteps my sense of being alive grew. My breath worked itself into that awareness. I was completely still. At ease. Life will help you if you just give it your attention and let it be.

Once I started to feel blissful and my mind was quiet, I began to visualize and talk with life. Believe me, life will listen to you if you talk. It was a great time to start manifesting. I asked life to help get me to the best place possible for both of us.

How can you find bliss?

Let nature show you how to live. Go outside in nature. It's best to be alone at first, that way you have no distractions. You can still do this with people around, but it is easier to start alone.

Breath in the fresh air, listen to your footsteps, listen to the wind, the birds, waves, or the rain. Immerse yourself into that moment completely. No thinking, no labeling, just be. Bring your awareness into your body. Start feeling the aliveness inside of you.

If thoughts arise, let them come up. Don't push them away. Let them be there and then just come back to this moment.

Create some space and let life be. Take a moment to just drop everything that you think you are. Drop your worries, let go of the past, the future, your achievements, and failures. When you shed all the unnecessary baggage you give life space to flow through you. This is when you will feel the bliss of being alive.

Everything becomes HD.

When you are blissful life looks high definition. This is because you are no longer wearing a foggy pair of glasses made up of thoughts.

You will finally be able to see life in its purest form and in all of its delicacy. Light looks brighter, colors are more saturated, textures pop, sounds are more pronounced. You are able to see, hear, touch, and taste more clearly without this fog of thinking.

It feels as if it's your first day alive. Everything seems new and intriguing. The bliss of being alive is real and attainable. All you have to do is give this moment your awareness. You will be grateful to be alive.

This is the game that life offers us. Are you willing to play?

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