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The Best Mode of Transportation for You

Best way for you to travel around and commute anywhere you need.

By Matheesha FernandoPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The best mode of transportation can be difficult to determine. Traveling by car, plane, ship, bike, or walking is all dependent on where you are headed and the setting you are in. Follow the steps in this article to determine the best way for you to travel around and commute anywhere you need.

1. Determine the best transportation for your financial situation

Owning a car can be expensive and put you in debt if you are not financially prepared for the responsibility. You may have a car payment depending on the car you purchase and the amount of money you have saved. Buying a used car can be a cheaper option than a brand new car, but it is important to consider the repairs associated with a car. You will need to change the oil and tires frequently. As well, you will have to pay for gas which is an added expense. Depending on where you live, walking, biking or public transportation may be your best option.

2. Consider Public Transportation

Especially if you live in a metropolitan area, public transportation options can be a time-saving and affordable method of traveling around. Subways or metro trains allow you to avoid traffic and spend your time completing other activities besides driving your own vehicle. Public transportation saves you costs associated with owning your own vehicle. You will not pay for car insurance, maintenance, or gas for your car. Public transportation is a great option that will save you money if it is available where you live and can suit your needs.

3. Consider a Bike

Riding a bike around can be fun! As well, biking will let you arrive at your destination faster than walking. Biking is a great mode of travel if it is safe to do and accessible where you live. Make sure to take the appropriate safety precautions such as wearing a helmet. Also, biking will help you get exercise which is great for your health. As well, a bike is much cheaper than a car!

4. Walk when the Destination is Close

Walking is a healthy way to travel from place to place. Walking everyday is good for your health and is a cost effective way of traveling. If you are able to walk to work or school, you will save hundreds of dollars in either transportation tickets or car maintenance.

5. Consider a Car Rental

If you do not use a car frequently, but occasionally want to take a road trip or venture away for the weekend, consider renting a car. For example, if you live in a city and owning a car is not the best option for you, think about renting a car whenever you take small trips out of town. If the destination is too close to fly or take a train, but too far to walk or use public transport, renting a car with companies such as expedia, enterprise, hertz, or zipcar can be the best mode of transportation. Car rentals can be affordable if you do your research and are much cheaper than owning a car if you seldom use a car.

Ultimately, choosing a transportation method depends on your personal situation. For example, if you have a far commute to work with no option of public transportation, then buying a fuel efficient car from a dealership whether it is new or used will be your best option, If you are constantly needing to transport large items with a heavy load, you may need to invest in a different model car or a cargo van. You need to reflect on your own situation, where you travel, and your transportation options when making this decision. Always remember that you can rent transportation methods such as a car or bike for special occasions.

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