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The Albanian businessman overseeing five factories across three continents

A motication story of an succesful businessman

By D PolPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Luan Muça

Born in August 1971 in Albania, Luan Muça is a well-known and entrepreneur who is the only shareholder in DC Investment and Delta. He also serves as the company's CEO. He is thought to be worth 160 million dollars.

In 1996, Muça and his father set up a small tile shop called Delta in Elbasan, Albania. The store's tiles were contributed by local investors.

Muça made the decision to import those goods from overseas rather than depending on regional vendors as the company grew. Because of this, he made the decision to open a sizable sales location in his hometown in 1998. Local purchasers greeted him warmly and saw it as the primary location for them to renovate their houses, buildings, or other areas. The selection of goods also grew. Muça also made the decision to import toilet accessories, bathroom sanitary items, and parquet flooring in addition to tiles. Subsequently, Muça made the decision to establish retail locations in Tirana, Fier, Shkoder, Sarande, and Korce. In the meanwhile, Muça planned to grow both domestically and globally.

Muça exceeded expectations in 2019 when it invested in the US market and opened a Delta distribution branch in New Jersey.

In 2012, Muca decided to start building an Albanian manufacturer called Deutsch Color. The company developed a new range of paints for exterior and interior use, wall paint, paint for metal and wood, ornamental paint, and chemicals for the building industry.

In 2013, as the items gained popularity domestically, the company started exporting them to countries like Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Finland, Malta, Tunisia, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro in the second year of business.

In 2019, after years of exporting products from Tunisia, the newest Deutsch Color production plant opened its doors in Kairouan. The North African market is now served by Deutsch. In 2021, despite the pandemic, Muça decided to construct a factory in Bergamo. When he started manufacturing in 2022, he decided to name it DC Industry, with the goal of supplying the Italian market directly. Subsequently, the makers would adopt the new name Dc Industries instead of Deutsch Color.

Muça considered Africa to be a promising place to increase his investments based on his business travels.

In that same year, a manufacturer made its first investment in West Africa when it established DC Industry in Senegal.

Another ongoing project, DC Industry Egypt, has been underway since January 2023 and is scheduled for completion in November 2023.

But How do I sustain my motivation when starting a business?

• Maintain a positive mindset.

Having the proper mindset is crucial. You must not let setbacks or fear of failing to derail you if you want to maintain your motivation. Your company's future becomes more apparent when you concentrate on its strong points. One of the most important things keeping your positive energy going is your overall outlook.

• To reflect, practice meditation.

Dissecting your workflow to determine precisely what is required to do your task. "Make daily mental changes." "Spread good vibes and establish new neural connections to sustain yourself. When times are hard, it's simple to give up, yet mental toughness is essential for success.

Assemble a supportive circle of acquaintances.

Along with having a positive outlook, it's critical to surround oneself with individuals who share your aims and values. You'll not only have a network of support, but it will also be more difficult to give up when you're surrounded by driven people who hold you accountable and encourage you. A supportive network of accomplished individuals may motivate and steer you in the correct direction.

• Establish a compelling mission statement.

Additionally, don't undervalue the significance of your mission statement. Setting company goals, avoiding mistakes, and maintaining motivation during difficult times may all be facilitated by having a compelling mission statement that both you and your staff can understand and embrace.

•Keep your mental well-being in mind.

Your mental health may be the cause of any fluctuations in your level of determination. Your enthusiasm is more likely to fade if you have an imbalance in neurotransmitters like serotonin or dopamine.

• Give your physical well-being more attention.

Establishing a business is a significant undertaking that takes a lot of time and effort. Many would-be business owners are preoccupied with their new venture to the point where they lose sight of their own needs. Although it might not seem significant, your physical well-being can have a significant impact on your will to persevere. Your body will function more efficiently if you drink lots of water, eat well-balanced meals, and get enough exercise, freeing up your time to concentrate on building a profitable business.

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