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Testing Love &Big Butts

“You are going to destroy your life and health for a man who refused to love you for who you are?”

By Annelise Lords Published about a month ago 5 min read

“I know I have been too busy lately, but what the hell is going on with Lindsay?” Gena asked as Bisty, Nina, and Rina, joined her on separate treadmills in the gym.

Her three friends bit unto their lower lips.

“You tell her,” Bitsy urged.

“No, you tell her, she is your cousin,” Nina suggested.

“Why don’t we all tell her,” Rina demands.

Gena pressed stop on her treadmill, turned her head left staring at them down the line, and said, “She is alive, right?”

Rina quickly explains, “She stopped exercising because Jerry wants her to gain more weight and get a bigger butt!”

Gena’s eyes popped and she eased back off the treadmill, then burst out in laughter. They stared at her with furled brows.

“You are serious!” she cried out. “She is prediabetic, heart disease and hypertension run on both sides of her family.”

Shrugging their shoulders in unison still stepping slowly on their treadmill, Rina said, “She canceled her gym membership and stopped coming.”

“So, our weekly health dinner and meetings are off?”

They nodded in unison.

“She has stopped eating healthy and is gaining back the weight she lost three years ago,” Nina notified.

Gena stepped on the treadmill, started it, and said, “I will be damned if she believes I am going to allow her to kill herself for a man!”

“He is fffiiinnneee,” Bitsy squeezed out.

“And so are we!” Gena reminds her.

“He is from Jamaica, they love fat women and females with large butts,” Nina educates.

“So, what about her health? He knows she is already prediabetic and her family health history!” Gena complained.

“Don’t you know that the best-looking males get all of what they want, all of the time,” Bitsy shares.

“From females who lacked self-love and confidence,” Gena states glaring at them.

She stopped the treadmill and said staring at the huge clock to her right. “Let’s find out what she lacked!”

Ten minutes later all four stood in Lindsay’s kitchen forming a half circle around her.

Jerry in the shadows a nasty grin of satisfaction slid across his face.

Gena was the only one who saw, and she fired, “You are going to destroy your life and health for a man who refused to love you for who you are?” Gena witnessed the rage as it ripped inside his soul as an image formed in his eyes. Smiling, she went on, “We were raised to love ourselves for who we are. He can go out there and find a bigger ass than yours and leave you anyway!”

“Don’t you give Ryan what he wants?” Lindsay threw back.

“I am not giving any man my death. If he really cares about you, he would want you to be healthy!”

“I don’t tell you how to live your life, don’t tell me out to live mine!” Lindsay fights back.

Gena saw the smile as it glowed on his face.

“Ok,” she relents. “I hope he marries you and you and your bigger butt live happily ever after!”

Gena stormed out, followed by the rest of the gang.

Six months later at the gym, all of their phones ring at the same time. Glancing at each other in surprise, they answered in a choreographed style.

“Lindsay is in the hospital!” they repeated in exact order.

“What happened?” again together.

“High blood pressure? Which hospital?”

Minutes later, in their gym clothes, they rushed to the main desk and were led to see six members of her family weeping in the waiting room.

“Please, don’t tell me she died!” Gena wailed.

“She almost did. Thank God she wasn’t alone,” Lenise, her older sister said wiping tears. “He bought her jerk pork and her blood pressure hit 280/170!”

“What!” Nina, Rina, Bitsy, and Gena said in shock.

“Where is Jerry?” Gena demands glancing around.

“He is with her,” Lenise informs.

“That’s her room?” Gena points to the room facing them.

Lenise nods. As she marched towards it, the door opened and Jerry stepped out.

“Are you happy now, that you sent her to death’s door?” Gena demands.

He grinned, then said, “It shows she loves me.”

“Destroying her health is your way of her showing you love?”

“What are you fussing about? Ryan liked the idea and you are up next?” Slid from the wrong side of his brain.

With raised brows, she said, “My Ryan? Up next for what?”

“To prove you love him?” Jerry notified.

Mouths agape and eyes popped, she swallowed painfully then said, “So this is a game. To prove how stupid we are with no confidence and low self-esteem?”

“It’s called love,” he informs.

Someone hugged her from behind as Jamie kept nodding his head rolling his eyes, signaling Ryan that hell was here.

Gena read his signal and swung around pushing Ryan away. Then she took a set of keys from her tights pocket, took off his keys, and threw it at him before he realized what had transpired.

“Here is your key, don’t call me. Ever. And that is to show how much I love you.”

“What did I do?” Ryan asks as the keys hit his forehead.

“She is upset how Lindsay proved her love for me,” Jerry boasted.

“You weren’t supposed to go through with it,” Ryan said turning around to see many pairs of angry eyes glaring at him. “It was his idea because that’s what many of the men do in his country. They like fat women with large butts so they encourage these females to stop exercising and gain weight,” Ryan let the mouse off the trap.

“So that’s why Lindsay stopped exercising?” Lenise asked. “You put her life at risk to prove she loves you?”

“Either that or do plastic surgery. But I want the real thing,” he said in a nonchalant manner.

Lenise reached out to clubber him but was stopped by Gena. Who weirdly smiled at him, then added, “So you got her where you wanted her?”

“Like a mouse after a piece of cheese on a trap,” he boasts.

A voice behind him said, “So, I am nothing but a rat going after a piece of cheese?”

Shock held him in place briefly, and he slowly turned around to face her.

She took off his engagement ring and said, “Find someone else to get you your green card.”

Lenise and Gena rushed over to her as her body slowly slipped downward.

It’s a common thing in my country where women gain weight to hold on to these men who walk away anyway. A guy who truly loves you will never put your health at risk for personal pleasure.

If your heart could speak, what would it say?

Anyone who truly loves you will put your health first.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

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