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Reaching A Goal

Doesn't Feel as Good as Working Towards It

By ChantelPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Reaching A Goal
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I finally reached 2 goals this year!

I reached my goal weight of being below 117. I started at 128 in July and am currently at 114.

I have also achieved a net worth of 100k by the age of 22, my original goal was by 23. This was due to all of my side-hustles, my parents contributions, free rent and gas, crypto, investments, and my grandmother giving me airbnb money.

I have a new job that was a pay raise of 15k from my last one.

I am genuinely hoping I can be a great recruiter and earn roughly 80k a year.

I guess my new goals are to

-save 6,000k in emergency cash

-own a full ETH (put in 5,000 more)

-own 1 amazon and 1 google stock

-learn crypto staking and option trading

-maybe even write a short story or novel

-get better at any skill (be it dance or cooking)

-maybe live somewhere in Texas with Jasmine for a bit!

-or go to visit Disneyland!

-have networth of 130k by 23?

Hitting my goals aren't as euphoric as I thought they would. Goals seem like you'd be happier when you hit them, but you kind of just realize that the grind doesn't ever stop and you are constantly wanting more for yourself even tho you told yourself previously that you would be happy where you are at the moment.

I'm excited for my Seattle Trip because I really do hate the mundane life and am constantly looking for stimulation.

I really would love to become a better pole dancer overtime.


Nov 8

The best part about coming to visit my friends in Seattle was I had a place to talk to people while working remotely. It's less lonesome and less boring.

I really wouldn't mind visiting for like a month honestly and going back home for a month again as well.

Nov 16

Responsibilities keep us going. They are the reason we continue to go on with our lives, right?

And wealth leads us to have the freedom of time- and we can decide what we would like to do with that.

Life is the Sims. We make choices on a daily basis that impact what our future holds. And I firmly believe that.

You think you'll be happy when you achieve a goal- but happiness comes from being around others and constantly learning. Even those moments can be painful sometimes as well- as learning typically involves confusion and frustration in the beginning. When we try to learn and process for ourselves what happiness is- do any of us really know?

It's times like this that I miss Richard. I did not talk to him often enough, and I only got my remote job shortly before his death. I missed just having him always accessible to talk to. And I always felt good getting off of the phone with him because I knew I had done my good deed of the day. I enjoyed talking with him and asking him questions about his life. Somehow the conversations we would have would always tie in with what I was doing in my own life around that time.

My lover really told me that people romantisize life. And I have done that. That was how I thought relationships always were supposed to be. I didn't really realize that you don't feel strong feelings for them after knowing them for a while. You still go through the motions and sometimes have sweet feelings- but they stop putting as much effort.

And you do too in return. There is less desire to text them. You are still comfortable in each other's presences's-- but it isn't overemotional.

It's weird. Just comforting.

Never experienced that before. My feelings were always on extreme spectrums when I cared for someone in the past and for it to just be in a comfortable state - it felt weird.


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