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That's What I've Been Trying to do the Last Four Years, Make An Effort To Get My Act Together

By Iria Vasquez-PaezPublished 3 years ago 7 min read

Dear New Year, It is high time I make real money this year. My goals for this year are to publish three or four books, get a part-time per article writing job, buy Covered California, and sell my business to a metaphysical bookstore using a presentation I'm writing, which is proposing an equal partnership. I also want to buy a kiosk at the mall to sell gemstones, and my artwork, maybe eventually turning that into a botanica. I'm looking forward to making a lump sum from a business sale, in order to have money in the first place with the ability to open up new streams of income as they come. I can't be super specific because every time I get that specific, something always comes up to get in my way.

I have set the intention in this essay to make real money. I'm going to try to become a level 4 at my copywriting company so I have access to work that makes more money. I'm trying to make sustainable, significant income. I'm also trying to make a name for myself publishing besides in Self-Publishing. I have one book I'm writing under a pen name separate from this identity on metaphysical topics. I need to use another name because I want to make sure family doesn't know about certain things I do not talk about much in public beyond what I talk about on my blog. I have to pay up my blog this year. It is $96, which is why I could win the prize money for this entry given I succeed. I need to generate significant income here that I can save. Sure, money is meant to be spent; I need to start looking at various income streams here.

I thought I had a plan when my parents left the country, but not necessarily. I feel safe staying low-income. In 2020, I learned that I have a tendency to state my goals but not follow-through. I'm trying to begin the process of mapping out my year in this piece. I have learned that I can write more than one draft of pieces, but not of books, since I spend way too long editing. I'm a little bit obsessive about editing. I have to eventually quit doing that so I can submit a draft to the literary agency I looked at for my first non-fiction book about how to handle bullies.

I want to make real money this year so I can pay for mental health treatment that is far more than I've been getting. I need way more therapy than I can afford right now since I'm using online therapy. I need more in-person treatments than I have available, like mental health rehab so I don't get overwhelmed in crowds anymore among other troubling symptoms I get from anxiety. This is why I need my own money separate from my family's money. I'm not going to avoid this adult responsibility anymore.

I'm going to have to buy some art supplies, and get to selling art online. This could make significant income give or take I get my act together in this. I have many artwork themes in mind, written on a separate list somewhere on my USB drive. I'm pretty much trying to put together my life so that I can get myself to UCLA eventually just to get my MFA and Law Degree. No, not at the same time, but I have also decided to go back to school this year so I can take advantage of the online programs that are now available. English 1A is what will get the ball rolling with anything else I need to take. Although, I have to be strict with myself and say one class a quarter along with everything else I will be doing is more than enough.

I've lately had the idea to start a newsletter for my condominium complex or indeed my entire neighborhood. As of the start of this pandemic, I have tried to isolate myself at home as much as possible so I don't get sick. I'm determined not to wind up in the hospital. What have I written about this year? I have Type-1 diabetes, hypothyroidism, and low blood platelets-it's sheer luck when I sleep at night, unbroken hours at a stretch. Oh yes, I had to correct my internist on her unawareness of that illness. My endocrinologist, a specialist, was the one who told me about it. It was not my imagination. Neither were the emails she sent me with specific names of disorders in them. 22q is something that many doctors don't know about, but it isn't their fault. I'm stuck seeing many a specialist anyway, for specific problems. Endocrinologists take care of diabetes and my thyroid problems anyway, thyroid issues being also why I'm tired a lot… gee. It also has to do with a 22q thing for being tired a lot. This is why my health goals this year involve making sure I get enough rest, sleep, and that I get stuff done without pushing myself too hard. I mean I have worked to exhaustion before, oh wait that was high school, what with being a coffee addict? Alcohol didn't jump into the picture until my 18th year, when I was allowed to drink at home. Yes, I have learned that I shouldn't touch the stuff, period. Whose hangover was I feeling over New Year's? Having holiday highs in the 300s and above does not help me feel well or functional.

Oh and running out of strips yesterday, getting close to the brink of that, yes, that caused me so much stress I felt temporarily fevered. That went away as soon as I walked to the store to get some using the family credit card left to me. I cannot let myself get that crazy, so the pharmacist wrote me a new script asking for more strips, which was brilliant of her really, I didn't have the nerve to ask my endo whom I'm seeing this week on video visit. This month I have my hands full with appointments. I have a lot of them for many reasons.

Oh, and did I forget to write about my hernia? Yes, a small hiatal hernia that is causing much drama is stuck in my body, although with the hot pandemic mess as crazy as it is, I'm going to have to avoid hospitals until it cools off. This is a busy year for me, since I need to go back to real school. I signed up for the FAFSA form. What is a big deal for me is that this year, I plan on living it without pressure, the big no pressure year. I do not want to harass myself into doing things, or drag myself to the computer when I'm not feeling well, I've already broken this new law for myself I'm trying to establish. I already have three degrees, a Bachelor of English, creative writing, an AA in anthropology with honors, and an AA in creative writing. My teacher Floyd Salas once said that it turns out that someone is either a novelist or short story person; I'm a novelist, and empath. I am feeling the chaos as if it were my own. The thing is that I'm working on shutting stuff out. This year, I plan on taking real training courses, even if cheap, on the fly, and Udemy style classes worth of it.

Reiki Level II, psychic training, etc. Because of my disabilities, I do not trust groups… that is plain and simple the truth of the matter, not even Facebook groups. They've gotten mad at me for saying I take medication. Wow. I'd rather sleep. With my skill set being heavily in kinesis talents, I am working on getting under control this year, and gee hm… medication helps with that? Yes, I've made my choices regarding my mental health. Medication does nothing to you, except shut you off, help you sleep, and prevent your talents from radically expanding without being measured. That is not negotiable Facebook, which is why I use my real name for Vocal Media pieces. Yeah, I need to pay my blog but the stimulus check would go towards that goal. I will piece together a map of the year, in a general way, with a ballpark estimate about when I need to finish my psychic attack book and my anti-dating for the unconventional two-spirits, book. I'm a two-spirit, I'm working on making peace with scoring 37% female and 66% male on this one quiz I took using Facebook. I have a lot to get done this year, and I'm planning on working hard to make all my dreams come true. I'd rather get my own benefits not hinging on work, rather how much money you have to pay for even better coverage than the great coverage I get on Medi-cal now.


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I have a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State. Can people please donate? I'm very low-income. I need to start an escape the Ferengi plan.

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