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One Simple Reason To Stay Positive When Bad Thing Happens

It could be a blessing in disguise

By Life LessonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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'Why me?!', 'Why am I so unlucky?!', 'Life is not fair!'

We all have encountered frustrations or grievences in life from time to time and very often we'll rank and complain. We cannot understand why a certain bad thing happens to us.

Such reactions are completely understandable as we are emotion-driven humans. Since life is like a roller-coaster and there are ups and downs, we may find it hard to convince ourselves to look at the bright side. The following fable can help you:

A man lost his horse, he cursed his bad luck

A few days later, his horse came back bringing along another horse to him.

Now, up to this point he is considered lucky, right?

His only son loved that new horse and rode on it,

Too bad this young man fell from the horse and broke his leg, the man cursed his bad luck

The supposed lucky event becomes unlucky now.

A few days later, the king commanded all the young men to go fight for war,

His son was excepted because of his broken leg.

Now this seemingly unlucky event had protected his son from dying young.

The moral of the fable

So you could see the continuous turn of the event, the bad turned to be good, and vice versa.

It’s hard to tell at times the sequences of the events in life.

Some seemingly bad things may turn out to be actually a blessing, and vice-versa.

We may not be able to see the far-reaching effects in the future, till the day we leave this world.

It’s essential to look at the bright side and stay positive when something bad happens, it’s a cliche but it’s true.

I know it’s not easy but believe that there’s something bigger behind it. You would never know that it can actually be a blessing in disguise.

Your short-term losses may benefit you in the long run, so keep plugging away, do not stay in despair for too long when the misfortune strikes.

The same goes for the opposite, do not be over-joyed when the lady of luck strikes you.

Of course, you should be happy and celebrate. Just be cautious not too over-joyed till it turns out to be a misfortune.

One classic example is the real-life story of some lottery winners*.

They went broke again after winning the great fortune. Some of them divorced because of money distribution issues. Some committed suicide.

Their families have broken apart, the used-to-be-loving families become estranged from each other. They become broke and lost their families, worst than before they become rich.

Winning the lottery becomes a misfortune for them. No one even themselves could ever believe that this is actually the beginning of their misfortune that bring them their downfall.


Life works in a mysterious way that is beyond our understanding or comprehension at times. If speaking in the spiritual sense, we all come here to learn our lessons here through our life events to become the best person we can be.

The unlucky event could serve as a stepping stone toward our goal of success. We will only see at a much later stage of our life why things happen the way they are.

Please remind yourself that when a bad thing strikes you, remember this could be a blessing in disguise, take a deep breath and cool down, look for the solution and keep plugging away.

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