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Self Love — The Only Way To Your Dream Love

How to start loving yourself to attract the love of your life

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

For all those that struggle to love themselves, And waiting for someone to come rescue them.

Girl, I know you are hurt, you desperately need someone to love you

So that you can love yourself, so that you can start living your life

But girl, that's not how it works, it’s the other way round

You MUST love yourself first, before someone else can love you

Strange that it can be, it’s damn hard to do

‘I can’t do it!?’ You said, but girl, this is how the universe works

* * *

Energy moves in a way where

Positive attracts the positive , negative attracts the negative

The Law of Attraction

This is the invisible power, that shapes our circumstances

Take note of what you talk to yourself, never talk negatively to your inner child

Smile at her, be her cheerleader, tell her that “Yes! You can do it!”

“Yes! You are lovable!”

* * *

You need to have a strong mind, never let your emotion drags you down

Decide that you want to feel GOOD, it’s all in your mind! Empower yourself!

You don’t need others’ approval to feel good, pour out all your troubles to someone trusted

If not, pour it all out in your writings, so that you feel lighter in mind and body

You must build up your confidence, how? Set a small goal to achieve

Slowly build it up to a bigger one, then move out of your comfort zone

At the pace that you feel comfortable with

* * *

Be with the people that uplift you, avoid those that run you down

That’s how you open up your world, don’t live in your shell feeling insecure

Give yourself a pack at the back, whenever you achieve something

No matter how small it is

‘Fake it till you have it’, not the other way round

Imagine that you already have what it takes to make it

The positive energy will shine from within you

You must trust yourself before others can trust you

ACT on the things that can bring you toward your goal

* * *

Girl, you need to become the person, like the one, you would love to be with

Only then you can attract lasting love to you, birds of a feather flock together

Imagine how your ideal partner will look like

A successful man with a loving heart? Work to become one of them

By being the best version of yourself, pick up the qualifications that you need

Find out your talents and your strengths, make yourself the expert in your field

Ask the right people for help if needed, show your loving heart with your smile

* * *

Be kind and helpful to other people, no act of kindness is too small

You would never know that your smile, can make someone’s day

Your words of encouragement, can brighten someone's face

When you give, you will receive, all the good energy will come back to you

Long before you knew it, it will tag along with the love of your life

Put it right in front of your face, ta-da! Here is your dream love

When the universe sees you are ready, when you have learned all your lessons

He will reward you for what you want, at the right time before you knew it

* * *

If you wonder why it’s still not arrived yet, after you’ve done the lesson on self-love

Because there are still some lessons you haven't learned yet

Or the universe thinks you deserve someone far better

Don’t wait for others to come to rescue you, life is too short for wasting such time

Be your own hero! Take charge of your life! Your self-love is your biggest love of all

That can bring you the rest of the things, that you ever wanted!

* * *

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