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Are You A Carrot, Coffee, Or Egg — After Boiling In The Hot Water?

Which one do you become when faced with life adversity?

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
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After a good boiling, you will find the condition of these three items :

Carrot — become soft inside out,

Coffee bean — become the aromatic drink that we all love!

Egg — become hard inside out.

Which one are you?

Are you going to be like the carrot, from strong become soft, and lose your will and strength to fight on? Do you only know how to rant, blame, and complain about how unlucky you are, or how unfair this world is, without actively seeking a solution?

Or you are going to be the coffee bean, changed the supposed adversity of the hot water to become an aromatic drink that’s full of flavor? It’s like turning your adversity to your side to becoming an ally. By releasing the fragrance it’s like warming the people around you inspiring them to be strong when faced with adversity.

Or you are going to be like the egg, it becomes hard inside from the fluid originally. Has your heart become harder after all the turmoil? Does your inner spirit become stiff and hard, no longer like the previously free spirit that fills with joy? Do you close off your heart to love and it's filled with bitterness or resentment by the adversity.

The people who choose to be like a coffee bean will shine a light on humanity. they are as warm as the sun and soft like a breeze. They spread love and warmth around, as they understand how it feels when hit by life adversity. They will share the wisdom as they do not want you to taste the pain as what they’ve tasted.

Adversity is part of life and imperfection is life, choose your reaction wisely.

Yes, we can rant about it if we need to release our frustration or stress, but do not stay inside the negative emotion for too long. The safer and more effective ways to release stress are talking to someone you trust, writing it down in your diary, sports e.g. running, work-out, dancing, doing yoga, etc.

Just pick one that suits you and helps you to release your frustrations. Sports is a very good outlet as you 'sweat' out the frustrations inside your soul, and also helps you stay fit and in good shape.

Adversity s a test of your resilience and wisdom. You’ll taste the sweetness of victory when you overcome it, increase your confidence and become the best version of yourself. Many blessings will come with your right attitude as you attract the right energy.

Energy is a tricky thing to handle. It’s swirling all around us. It’s invisible but we all can feel it like the air, e.g. we can sense it when someone dislikes us, the dynamic in relationships, or the atmosphere of a situation, etc.

Positive energy attracts the positive things or people into your life, and vice versa. This is the natural law in the universe - the law of attraction. Hence you must quickly, and do your very best to turn your negative energy into a positive one. Fake it till you make it! Not the other way round. It may sound strange but this is how it works!

No one wants to let a sour-faced person spoil their good day, they will avoid you so as not to be affected by your negative energy. Likewise, if you vibrate a positive vibe with a smiling face, the same positive people will be more drawn to you.

Stay positive is essential in helping us to find the solution quicker and get you out of the vortex of negativity.

Watch your thoughts that affect your actions. Watch your input as it affects your output.

Thoughts become Words, Words become Actions, Actions become Habits, Habits become Character, and Character becomes your Destiny.

I’ve read about many serial killers who have experienced difficulties in their childhood or adulthood— they are all ‘eggs’. Their hearts become cold and they’ve chosen the wrong outlet to release their extreme pain and bitterness inside.

We need more people that are like coffee beans in our world.

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