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Motivational Ideas (Part 8)

by Basil about a year ago in success

Doses of Motivation

Motivational Ideas (Part 8)
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1. There is no need to worry if we still haven’t decided our field in life. What is important is the persistence to keep trying to find this field. And we can try this by constantly gaining knowledge.

2. Reading is the key to success

3. Education can empower the oppressed and enlighten the oppressor.

4. Knowledge breaks down the chains of mental slavery.

5. A fall or a series of falls do not mean that our success story is over. Those are merely small dips in an upward curve of the life of a persistent person.

6. It’s important how we express our emotions with our family. Our emotional relationship with our family is mainly how the parents started off this story. But we can make this better with the use of soft hearts.

7. Part of hierarchical empathy is understanding how we feel when we are in a position of weakness (or compromise) versus how we feel when we are in a position of power.

8. We lose whatever we don’t practice.

9. Doubts will never let us proceed in life and be productive. Confidence will create action. Therefore we should stop responding to unwanted and be confident.

10. The way to learn is to teach what we want to learn.

11. By trying our best and avoiding time wastage, we will not feel bad about ourselves.

12. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

13. At least we should try to get our obligations right and focus on our specialty. We don’t learn everything lest we lose everything, including our own specialty. Working recklessly in many areas gives no real results. Imagine reading five books at the same time. It’s better to read one at a time.

14. If we have a schedule to get up to in the morning, we will enjoy the coming of the next day.

15.If we start doubting things to such an extent that we start doubting the existence of what is right in front of us, we should know that our doubts are completely baseless.

16. Making a solid base in life helps. We should learn the basics of things first and make it strong before proceeding ahead.

17. We should not do any work or job that we’re not talented in or we don’t know about. We can cause harm and damage. And also we would be occupying the positions of those who are actually talented.

18. Knowledge is power. Knowledge should be in our brains, which can process it, rather than in books, which cannot process anything.

19. The best way to inspire the change that we want to see in others is to reflect the change that we want to see in others. In this way, we will attract those who share the same taste as we do. This is how common-interest groups are formed.

20. One of the ways to stop comparing ourselves to others is to look at ourselves. Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we can compare ourselves to ourselves. We do not know others as well as we know ourselves. We can always compare ourselves to our yesterday-selves. We can inspire ourselves to become better than what we were yesterday. This way, we won’t hate others. And we will be our own critique.

21. Studying science without drawing any conclusions is just a gymnastics for the mind. The real deal is to draw conclusions from science. Therefore, science should be studied with philosophy and world views.

22. Its always helpful to remind ourselves that success is not final and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. This reminds us not to stop working if we become temporarily successful. This hinders further progress. Likewise, failure should not put our hopes down. The key is to be consistent because no one knows what’s down the line for us. And that is a beautiful reason why not knowing the future is so helpful in keeping us motivated to work hardly and persistently.

23. Taking wise risks plays a part in success. We need to remember that a diver cannot achieve the pearls at the bottom of the river by merely sticking to the river-side. He needs to carefully dive down to get them. Neither can one catch the high tide without going into the sea. No success is achieved without risks.



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