Mid Life Crises? I Don't Think So.

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Taking a leap of faith when everyone else thinks you are crazy.

Mid Life Crises? I Don't Think So.
So Here It Goes!!

...move towards living a life of freedom and creativity.

When I began the journey, I felt like there was no way that I could ever go out on my own and live my dreams, but here I am, 2 months in, and I am finding a way to forget about the business of the day and actually move towards living a life of freedom and creativity.

I worked diligently to help someone else accomplish their dreams...

So here's the deal... I am a 50 year old father of 7 that has worked hard my entire life. I worked diligently to help someone else accomplish their dreams or their callings, while working in the off hours to make mine a reality. Well not anymore! I made the jump and am now in the beginning of the biggest win or lose battle of my life... the battle to live my dream life. I am happily married and love the thought of not waiting to retire until I'm old and unable to do the things that I have wanted to do my entire life. ...What are those things you ask? Well, above all else my goal is to be someone who makes a difference. I believe it was Tom Hanks that said... "Brain cloud! I knew it. Well, I di- I didn't know it, but - I knew it." (Joe verses the Volcano)

Some people call it a mid-life crisis or something equally as shaming...

You see, other than a 9-5 job, I forgot that I had dreams and things that I wanted to accomplish before it was all too late. I had relegated myself (...this is where the brain cloud comes in) to working for 40 years, then retiring and watching from the sidelines as someone else did the things that I was called to do. Yes, that's right, "called" to do! I believe we all have a purpose, a plan that was instilled in us at the moment of our creation. That purpose is rooted so deep in our personality or our psyche, as some would call it, that unless we move toward that calling, we become depressed, discouraged and unhealthy even in the midst of a very good life. Some people call it a mid-life crisis or something equally as shaming and put it off to a crazy- convertible- buying old man that wishes he was uncle Rico still playing high-school football.

"How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?... Yeah... Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind." (For all you Napoleon Fans)

These are the new breed of dreamers...

But I believe differently, I believe that this purpose is so important to our existence, that unless we "go for it" we will lose our ability to act rationally. Not because we are irrational people, but because we have forgotten our true identity! How many times in your life, have you heard someone say... "if only I had spent more time at work"? Not very many I would assume. That's not to say that for some amazing people work is the call. For some entrepreneurs, creating successful business models is an amazing purpose. They live productive, love filled lives while working hard to see dreams created in the corporate world, but not all entrepreneurs are business moguls, some run the coffee shop in the middle of your hometown, some work from home on their computers and behind the scenes. These are the new breed of dreamers that can fund their lives and still live their dreams.

...anything is possible if you know your calling.

I love creativity! It's the Creatives that make my heart race and my hair stand on end. They make me feel that anything is possible if you know your calling and you actually pursue it. Why else would someone be able to sit behind a video game, talk about said video game, and make 6 figure (or more) incomes. We live in a world today, where you can do anything, be anything, or accomplish anything if you just pursue it with a reckless passion that says...

"I am strong enough, I am smart enough, and I am equipped for the thing I'm crazy about!"

...you'd be an idiot!

Think about it... If you met the woman, or man of your dreams and you knew that you were meant to love this person for your entire life, you loved the way they laughed, you loved their eyes, the smell of their hair or cologne. Everything about them screamed," We are meant to be together," but then turned around and walked away without saying a word, you'd be an idiot! In the same fashion, if you know that you know that you know, that you are meant to write a travel blog, or maybe photography is your passion to take the most insane pictures and share them with the world, but then you went to work at McDonalds and stayed there for 20 years, you would, equally, be an idiot! Now, hear me out, not everyone you meet that seems to be Mr. Perfect or Mrs. Right, will turn out to be "the one" but unless you make a move, you will never know. Likewise, if you don't "make a move" toward the life that you were meant to live, you will never live that life. The only way to move into your purpose is to position yourself to do it!

Through this process I will endeavor to write the things that I am confronting as I position myself to live my calling... While I envision some battles, I also see great successes on the horizon, and I want to share it all with you. Maybe, because of my writing this, someone will make the choice to move towards their purpose long before the age of 50, and that would actually fulfill part of my purpose which is to see people and their callings unite!

Here's to the Dreamers and the Creators, together we can see a life that we all deserve... Our best life!

Geoerl Niles
Geoerl Niles
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