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Mending And Healing

“Why must you be always kind?”

By Annelise Lords Published 3 months ago 4 min read
Image by Annelise Lords

Vinette’s anger explodes, as tears rain down, “Aren’t you tired of being kind to a cruel world?”

“Do you know another way to heal or mend cruelty?” Xyena, asked as she paid for their lunch at Charlie’s Café a few blocks from their home.

Wiping tears away with napkins the Café provided for their customers, she went on, “Must you try to heal or mend everyone’s pain and the thoughtlessness humanity just don’t know how to stop sharing?”

“Right now, you lost a damn good job because of envy. Your rent is due in three days, plus your car note, student loans, and other credit card bills,” Xyena reminds her.

“Oh god!” she wailed grabbing the attention of other patrons.

“This is the first time you have left your apartment in fourteen days. You haven’t answered any calls and have managed to push everyone away,” Xyena adds.

“I can’t believe that she lied and got me fired!” Vinette wailed.

Reaching over to console her, Xyena soothes, “What would you like to do right now?”

“I just want back my life.”

“Who do you think can give it back to you? Someone cruel to you? Or someone who is kind?”

Vinette wipes her eyes and stares at her friend furling and unfurling her brows while sending messages to her brain. While waiting for her brain’s response, Xyena went on, “Do you think you can get it back without the help or kindness of someone?”

Sighing, her brain said, “Cruelty helps or mends nothing.”

“Kindness does the opposite,” Xyena soothes.

“You have been here ah?” Vinette asked blowing her nose.

Nodding, Xyena strolled back, hoping to heal a good friend, “Ten years ago, I was you. Someone I don’t know, and never saw again, reached out and gave me back my life. Thus, mending every painful and broken part of me. Kindness, thoughtfulness, love, etc. is so small yet it has the power to heal and mend many huge problems our world faces,” Xyena explained.

“It’s like when we donate stuff to the shelter and go there to share and eat Thanksgiving dinner with the homeless,” Vinette’s brain shoots out responding to the signal on her phone.

“It hurts because we didn’t expect children to be there,” Xyena went off in reflection, eyeing her as she sent a message to someone.

“I have an idea, why don’t we do the same for Christmas,” Vinette suggests after responding to the signal her phone sent.

“You forgot you don’t have a job,” Xyena reminds her.

“Your kind gesture and words made me feel good enough to answer my phone. I just accepted a position at Graph’s Communications,” Vinette revealed, sending out tears of joy.

“You turned them down three years ago for the position at McDermott Industries,” Xyena reminds.

“The position I wanted is vacant and the salary is fifty percent more than what I was earning,” she explained. Reaching over, she squeezed Xyena’s right hand, thanking her, “You are right. The moment you mended and healed me, making me feel better, I answered the signal on my phone. They have been calling me for two weeks. It is their final offer and last call.”

Squeezing back her hand, “You have been in the dumps for exactly two weeks ignoring everyone and their calls. Kindness will and can mend cruelty and sadness.”

Tears sliding down, Vinnette shared in gratitude, “I can’t believe just being kind to me lifted my bad mood and made me feel better, thus changing my life.”

“You got a better job the moment your mood changes,” Xyena said smiling.

“I am no longer sad or in pain. Kindness is great. I intend to join you in mending and healing hearts that just need a little bit of kindness!” Vinette vows.

“See the power of kindness,” Xyena said smiling at her.

Kindness is so tiny, yet so powerful!

One tiny act of kindness can mend and heal a mountain of cruelty and pain.

One tiny act of love can heal and erase a lifetime of cruelty.

Kindness and love grow positivity and hope.

Start mending and healing everyone.

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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