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Love Found in A Gentle Touch

A Gentle Touch Given with Love Comforts, Heals and Connects!!

By Diane Mary MarkeyPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
Love Found in A Gentle Touch
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch. Leo Buscaglia

A gentle, sincere touch has as much healing power as mighty spoken words. Gary Chapman

Friends Share Our Pain And Touch Our Wounds With A Gentle And Tender Hand. Henri Nouwen

Kindness, tenderness and compassion are literally at your fingertips.

The very first sign of love a newborn baby receives from his mother is a gentle and loving touch. This has such a lasting and developmental impact. Especially when the contact is skin to skin.

The benefits for the mother.

Well, I held my firstborn for the first time fifty years ago. But, I can still recall the fresh smell of his skin. The hold of his tiny fingers on mine. The miracle of his beautiful eyes.

He was a premature baby. So, I only got to hold him for a very few moments. They were magical. They will never be forgotten.

You too most probably recall holding your newborn baby for the very first time. A memory, so close to your heart.

The power of the gentle and loving touch in your everyday life takes oh! so many forms.

A gentle touch is such a simple thing to do. Yet, the results they give are indeed profound.

Many times a gentle and loving touch can deliver kindness and compassion. Where mere words are not needed or appropriate.

Have you felt how different a day is when someone has blessed you with a gentle and loving touch?

I know when I visit my hubby in his nursing home. The thing he misses the most is our regular small caresses. The pat on the shoulder as I pass by. The kiss on the cheek when I awake in the morning.

The nursing staff look after him. But loving and tender touches are not part of their daily care. It should be. Alzheimer’s patients are people. They need to feel loved every day.

Is this why Companion Dogs are so successful in nursing homes? Because the patients get the opportunity to hug and gently touch another living being. If this is true. Then every nursing home should have a ready stream of loving and loved companion dogs.

Alvan Nee took this photo from

The Power of the Gentle and Loving Touch in Relationships

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself all the different things you say without words? Simply by touching someone you care about.

When that special someone wants to say thank you. He may simply bless you with a great big ‘bear’ hug. And a smile that melts your heart.

Or, when you and your hubby are out and about. The simple loving gesture of holding hands. You feel safe and secure. Proud to be with the one who you have promised yourself to for the rest of your life.

As a member of a family, the gentle and tender touch is oh! so essential.

When a gentle and loving touch is part of your daily communication with a family member, love is strengthened. The deep connection between you and this family member is sustained and built.

For instance, my son Mark lives so many miles from me. I only get to visit twice a year. We hug and hold hands oh! so frequently during these visits. We do not need to say I love you. Though we do. The tender and loving touches convey our love to one another and last till the next time we get together.

Is love spoken without words when you and a family member spend time together? Possibly a kiss on the cheek. A pat on the hand.

This allows your son, daughter, whoever — to feel loved, truly loved. This loved one then feels of true value and importance in your life.Antonika Chanel took this photo from

Antonika Chanel took this photo from

The Power of the Gentle and Loving Touch in Healing

My husband is in a nursing home and I hope he receives the regular massage therapy sessions I know he needs. These sessions not only reduce his chronic pain from work-related injuries. But, help alleviate the depression and anxiety brought on by his Alzheimer’s disease.

The nursing staff are not permitted to touch their patients as their families do. So, I sincerely hope these massage sessions are part of his weekly routine. At least, in this way, Colin receives a gentle touch in some way.

When you are not feeling well. Does the soft and gentle touch of a loved one soothe away the pain? Even if only for a short time. Does a peck on the forehead speak words of love and comfort between visits when you are stuck in hospital?

The touch of love, delivered through your fingertips can and does work miracles for a loved one suffering.

Stress levels are reduced because you found the time to spend with that special someone. He felt loved because of the tender stroke of his fevered brow. Such loving gestures in his time of sickness. Communicating love and empathy.

His tentative smile — speaks of his gratitude and love. He may not be healed. But he is loved.

The Power of the Gentle and Loving Touch to Comfort.

If your child topples from her bike and scratches her knee. A soft tender hug. Combined with sweet and kind words of love. Soon dries her tears. You too are comforted by this connection.

The gentle and loving touch is oh! so powerful. A gentle and comforting touch for a young child:

  • Is needed.
  • Conveys your love.
  • Comforts beyond measure.
  • Must be within bounds and appropriate.
  • Avoids embarrassment.
  • Takes all the time that is needed.
  • When you are sad. And a loved one takes the time to comfort and bless you with her love.

You are made happier by her heartfelt smile. Her sparkling eyes channel love and tenderness. A soft pat on your hand and a kiss on your cheek. Your heart sings. These signs of love transmit so much to you.

These loving and compassionate messages completely change your day.

The clouds of sadness float away. The sunshine of love and happiness brightens your life once more.

Her soft and gentle loving touch transmitted such a wide range of emotions — comfort, love and empathy. All without the need for the spoken word.

National Cancer Foundation took this photo from

Did you benefit from such comforting and loving touches? Did you feel maybe just a little better?

Next time someone you love is a little down or sad. And needs to feel loved. You know exactly what is needed.

A soft, tender, gentle and loving touch is delivered through your fingertips.

This loving and magical form of comfort soothes away sadness. Brightens another person’s day. No words may be needed. Just genuine and heartfelt love. Love delivered person to person.

Comfort, given through and with love connects you to another with a deep emotional bond. If only for a few moments. If only this magic could be bottled and used when you are not there?

A gentle and loving touch delivers kindness and compassion.

You can say, I love you, without the need for spoken words.

The gentle loving touch can connect, comfort and heal.

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