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Listening to the Rain

A relaxing Sunday evening.

By Kimmiekins4Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Listening to the Rain
Photo by Joy Stamp on Unsplash

"The sound of rain needs no translation."

I love rainy days, and being from California they are few and far between. I try to take advantage of them when I can, as a way to just unwind. Hearing the rain hit the roof, and water rushing through the gutters reminds me of being a kid. It brings me back to all the times I spent at my grandmas and listening to the rain hit the tin roof of her trailer, and something about that is just so comforting. Her 81st birthday would have been yesterday December 11th, and this year her birthday has been particularly hard on me. So in a way I feel like she is here with me in spirit.

I appreciate that this storm is falling on a Sunday, because it helps put me in a more relaxed state of mind for another long week ahead at work. I don't know about you, but over the past two years I am dealing with the "Sunday Scaries" more than I ever have before. I feel like I am just having so many realizations about work and mental health. At my job in particular there is this need to be perfect, yet no one is. I am finding that no one wants to help when you need help, and after a while I just feeling drained. I often feel guilty because I have been taking more time off due to my mental health. That is why I am trying to do better about some sort of self care on Sunday so I can find a balance, and improve my state of mind.

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"Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book."

Another reason I love days or nights such as these is because it reminds me that I need to take more time to be unplugged and just be. I live in the city, which I don't mind but I get so consumed by the busyness of life and distractions I forget to slow down. Even writing this I've found myself numerous times checking my phone, as if anything has changed since I last checked.

Nature has always been the greatest healer and reset button for me. That could be something as simple as going on a hike, to taking a vacation somewhere in nature. With everything going on these days it's a lot harder to travel, I wanted to come up with someways I can to reset from home. So far I have found going out to my apartment pool when the sun is out and just sitting out there is very relaxing. Reading a book, while listening to ocean sounds. I know this sounds odd, but I love reading on the beach and when I miss it this helps. I also love to write outside, rather that is on this blog or in my journal.

By Julius Drost on Unsplash

Self care and resetting looks different for everyone, but if you've come across this post than its a reminder to take a step back and recharge. It won't be all pretty things either, sometimes I find just having a good cry helps. There is such a big stigma around emotions, especially crying. As someone who holds everything in until something small upsets me, I think it needs to be more accepted to cry.

Life can get crazy sometimes, but it's defiantly important to take time for yourself. I know it may feel selfish but I promise you it's not. I am wishing everyone the best, and I hope that you have a wonderful and safe holiday!


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