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Is The Grass Really Greener Where You Water It?

Because I water mine but it is still brown

By Rejoice DenherePublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Is The Grass Really Greener Where You Water It?
Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

A friend had been with his employer for a few years, serving loyally but promotion always eluded him. Disheartened and discouraged as he watched new recruits move up the ladder, he finally decided to look for another job. When the interviewer asked him why he was leaving his current position his response was, “I’m looking for greener pastures.” “What if the grass in the new pasture turns out to be brown?” My friend’s answer to that was, “ I’ll water it until it’s green.”

In that moment he was hit by a sudden realisation. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Sometimes it just “looks” greener. Other times it is greener but only for a season. The grass is only green where it is watered. He found himself wondering if perhaps he had not been watering his own turf, or if there was something wrong with his strategy.

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself — I’m in a similar position. I’m watering my grass but it’s still brown. Read on to find out what the problem could be.

You Are Watering Someone Else’s Garden

Think of your life as a garden. Would you intentionally run up a high water bill watering your neighbour’s garden? Of course you wouldn’t.

Look at your life and examine where you are investing your resources, whether it be time, money or talents. If your resources are not recognised, appreciated or valued it may be time to reevaluate your position. Helping others is good, supporting worthy causes is noble, but not at the expense of your own growth and development.

If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will use you to build theirs.

Material possessions can be taken away, jobs can be lost. However, when you have taken the time to invest in your own growth and development, it is a lot easier to start again.


Use your resources and talents with care by investing them where they are appreciated. Start watering your own garden. If you don’t, your grass will, figuratively speaking, remain brown.

You Are Watering The Wrong Thing

Has this ever happened to you? You think you are watering a particular section of the garden only to realise that the sprinkler is facing the wrong direction. It is not watering the thing you want to grow.

Most of us nowadays spend a lot of time on our electronic devices. Whilst some are mindlessly scrolling through feeds, others are investing their time on platforms that give them a good return.

You’d be better off identifying growth areas in your life and investing in them rather than focusing on the wrong things.


Energy goes where attention goes. Don’t waste your energy on unproductive activities. Only water what you want to see growing.

You Are Not Consistent

People who go to the gym regularly will tell you that it takes weeks to build an impressive six-pack. They will also tell you that consistency is the key.

Anything worth having usually takes time to build or to grow. The real results, the ones that last — are a result of consistency in application. When you show up for life everyday and give it your best shot, you will eventually reap the benefits of your hard work.


Be consistent, be persistent. Just as watering your grass once a year won’t make it green, putting minimum effort inconsistently will not yield the results you yearn for.

You Lack Focus

Lack of focus dilutes your energy and divides your attention. Without focus you lack the momentum to push forward through the rough patches.

You must have laser-eye focus if you want to succeed. Having a vision board can help you focus. If you’re not sure whether or not you have one, read my article here.


Be intentional and stay focused. It’s the sure way to guarantee meaningful results.

You Have Not Allocated Sufficient Resources

Imagine watering an acre of land with just a litre of water? You wouldn’t do that, would you? Why? Because a litre of water won’t do the trick.

You may have a fantastic idea, or a big dream. However, if you don’t allocate sufficient resources to it such as time, effort or money, it will never reach its full potential.

If you have insufficient resources you would rather seek help. If this is not possible then scale down, and try not to do too much all at once.


If something is important to you, you will make time for it, you will find a way to make it happen. Seek help and advice if you need to.


If you are not making progress and you are, figuratively speaking, watering but the grass is still brown, check that:

  • You are watering your own garden — investing in your own growth and development.
  • You only water those things which you want to grow — focus on projects that will give you a good return.
  • You are consistent in what you do.
  • You are focused on your goal.
  • You allocate sufficient resources to your projects and endeavours.


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