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I tried this for only 1 week and this is what Happened

by Aryan 2 months ago in advice

The White Light Technique

I tried this for only 1 week and this is what Happened
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Every life has a purpose, and every soul has a dream. This is what each one of us, whether you or me, have come to manifest as beings on earth.

White light is omnipresent and flows freely in nature as simply as air. It is accessible to everyone. Most of us do not feel or see it unless we are spiritually aware. But the moment you begin thinking of it, whether you realize it or not, the white light comes itself to you and can be directed to any part of the body simply by intending. However, for manifestation we visualize it at the third eye.

Here is something about White Light Meditation:

White Light Meditation is short, simple and does not need expert guidance, rigorous practice and experience. Once you intend for the white light to flow and shine through you, it does, even though there might not be any physical evidence of the same. The greatest proof of its effectiveness is the happening of the desired changes and the amazing turnaround of situations, persons and events in your life.

White Light Meditation as a practice :

1. provides the necessary motivation, the strength of determination, perseverance and endurance to stay focused on your goal throughout the duration of your endeavor;

2. opens up options and possibilities, removes doubts, inhibitions and confusions that might have held you back all this time;

3. brings clarity of thoughts, authority and firmness of decision;

4. removes obstacles and hindrances that might have blocked the way to your goals;

5. brings to you the necessary knowledge and resources, even from sources you might not have been aware of until now, finally leading you to completion.

You can use it almost anywhere to lift your mood. If you’ve got sometime free throughout the day, I highly recommend learning this practice to fill some of them with. Visualization meditations have a prominent place in most of the world’s contemplative traditions. Many religious teachers have realized the effectiveness of using “thought-objects” as a means of achieving deeper experiences.

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Technique #1

  • The practice is best done seated.
  • Take a handful of deep, calming breaths. Let each exhalation be a “letting go” of any bodily tension.
  • Imagine a small point of white light at your solar plexus (about two inches above your navel). It represents pure, rejuvenating energy.
  • At a pace that suits you, imagine the light gently expanding with each inhalation, grow brighter as it does so.
  • Continue until the light fills your whole body. Then allow it to expand beyond the borders of your body to emanate out in all directions.
  • Dwell in the presence of this healing light for as long as you wish
  • If you have been feeling particularly strained, you may wish to visualize the light clearing away these negative feelings in your body.

Technique #2

  • This practice can be done either lying down or sitting.
  • On your next inhalation, imagine that a gentle stream of white light is flowing into the base of your spine, following it’s path up your back and into and out of the top of your head.
  • On the exhalation imagine this white light beginning at your head, down your spine, and out of your body at the base.
  • Visualize it as cleaning the body of any impurities (negative thoughts and emotions) as it flows up and down.
  • You may wish to simply focus on the sensations instead of visualizing white light. Either approach is good.

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  1. Always be patient.
  2. Be sincere.
  3. Never meditate expecting results.
  4. Keep negative thoughts always off your focus.
  5. Always be rimming with positive energy.
  6. Meditate in a fully compassionate way.

The meditation takes just ten to fifteen quiet minutes every day. It works better if you are mentally relaxed. So it is necessary that you spend the first few minutes of this meditation to calm down mentally and emotionally. Thinking of what we want, wish, and will comes very naturally to us. This artless nature of the white light meditation makes it come to you spontaneously, and that is exactly how you should approach it.

Once you have had success with white light meditation, you will be clear about one thing, and that is, your mind is more than the sky limits

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