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I have a dream


By Manisha YadavPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Dal Lake

I want to be a pilot. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a CA. Doctor, pilot, CA - all are big dreams, right ?

Do you have big dreams too?

But what if somebody has small dreams. Aren’t small dreams even dreams?

I have never heard about small dreams in my entire life. Until I started writing down my speech, even I thought that if it’s a dream, then it has to be something big.

Hello, fellow big and small dreamers

As a student, my dream was always to get a good job. After graduation, I gave almost 10 interviews but didn’t get lucky in any of those. I used to get ready in my formal suit, go for my interview, get rejected, and come back home - not just once or twice but almost 10 times. Every time, I came back and said that “nhi hua papa, I didn’t get selected. It used to break my heart. But still, he would end up smiling so that I don’t get disheartened.

Have you also faced similar disappointments?

I prepared for higher education after that i.e. MBA. I took an education loan for it. I worked really hard this time until I got placed. I preferred going to the library instead of going for movies or night outs with friends. This time, I didn’t want to go home without a job. My loan was constant reminder for me to work harder. Joined the best finance club of my college to get more help from the seniors. Even on weekends I worked day and night.

When the placements started. I got rejected in many of the companies initially. At home, I informed only about the initial rejections and stopped telling after that. I just said that I will let you know once I get placed. As it used to heart breaking.

Finally I got placed on 4th Nov 2019. Honestly, I was in tears when I called at home. That was the “Dream come true moment”. I got placed in Genpact, that too as an investment banker. I was literally on cloud 9 that day.

You must have such moments of Joy too, right?

My dream is to be happy by having a work-life balance where I can do my job and look after my family as well. I don’t want a life where I am working day and night, not having any time for self or family. So, my priority is my family at the moment, and it would be a cherry on top if I am able to do my job side by side. I definitely don’t want to leave my work as in today’s world it’s really important for a woman to be financially independent.

I am sure all of you will agree with me on this.

My dream for the present is to keep learning and growing as a person. (learning and growing here is something apart from the job). I have joined toastmasters for that. My dream is to be a good speaker, speak fluent English, and gain confidence.

I might be living my small dreams, one dream at a time. But I am happy. Isn’t that what life is supposed to be? If you ever thought your dream to be small, it’s the dreams value to YOU that matters.

You are the dreamer, maker and the executioner. It’s your dream world.

Big or small, if it gives you happiness. I urge you to take that hard looking next step and live your dream.

What are your dreams? Do share your thoughts.

Go dreamers!!

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