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How To Overcome Fear....

by Paris Fenison 3 months ago in advice
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You Have to Just Do It Anyway...

Fear is something that we have to be willing to face when we take a risk in order to elevate to the next level in life and operate in our full potentials, defeating fear can show us what we are capable of. Here is a story I want to share, back in August in 2021 I booked my first flight, the last time I was on a plane I was a teenager which was almost three decades ago. I was diagnosed with Tunnel Vision, my whole life changed since then, I even stopped driving due to my disability and at nigh time I need a walking cane due to night blindness. Going to restaurants or visiting places that are dim lit can be uncomfortable and challenging for me to function.

I became very isolated because I did not want to deal with the frustration of appearing weird in the public eye, having this issue also makes it hard for me to be socially active. I’m also Hearing Impaired and trying to have a conversation with someone is not the same as someone who eyes and ears are fine. I was diagnosed over a decade ago and I become very introverted because of my condition. I stopped going out as much, on sunny days I try to avoid going out because it is hard for me to see. The furthest I would travel would be to the stores in my community. I occasionally hung around family and friends, but I also was not able to attend many events if it was at night, I actually declined many invites because I did not want to be a burden. I had a cousin who did not want me in her wedding because of my disability. My home was my comfort zone.

The truth is I was afraid to live again, I allow my diagnosis to put limitations on my life, I went through years of depression. Until I started my healing journey in 2020, the pandemic has led me to have to deal with the inner issues that I’ve became a stranger to. I knew that if I did not do something about my life and make peace with my situation, I was going to live a lonely life and miss out on the beauty of life.

I decided to book my first flight to Atlanta, I would not travel outside of my community, but to get on a plane and travel outside of my state was stepping way outside of my comfort zone. I was taking a risk and facing a challenge at the same time, but I was tired of living as if I could only do or have so little, I knew that there was more to life. Up until the day of my flight I wrestled with so many thoughts that brought fear and anxiety, I almost canceled. I thought about the “what ifs” but I knew that If I did not get on my flight, fear would have won and I would have not known what would it have been like to get on a plane with my “eye” situation. I would have miss out on a great experience and at this point I was determined, I needed to know if I was capable of do this.

The day of my flight I was so nervous, when I got to the airport thankfully they provided accommodation for people with disabilities and I was able to avoid the long lines. When I got to my gate, I realized that there was no turning back. When I got on the plane, excitement filled my soul when I heard the pilot over the intercom. The plane started to move, I cracked a smile. my eyes were glued to the window, I watched as the plane lifted off the ground and in that moment is when I realized that I’ve defeated fear and courage was birthed. Tears filled my eyes.

I will never under any circumstances miss out on what life has to offer, in order to defeat fear, you have to just do it anyway. You will never know unless you are willing to take a risk, take a chance, give it a try, if its productive and can make you better, just do it. Getting on that plane created a new desire within in me, I want to travel the world, and I will be getting back on a plane soon. I’ve done so many great things in my life since then, because of that one act of faith, I was was introduced to a new me. Do not allow fear to control your life, no matter what your situation is, you can do it.

One thing I’ve learned about fear is that It will always be present when you are stepping out of your normal. Once you realized that whatever it is you want to do will be the right choice but it will cause you to have to do something that you are unfamiliar with, just do it. Humans naturally are afraid when they’re facing the unknown, make sure you have some healthy minded people around you to help you in your decision. But do not give in to fear because let me tell you, the most rewarding thing about overcoming fear in any situation, is gaining courage. Just do it anyway!


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Paris Fenison

An Author, A Podcaster and Life Coach who love to encourage people through creative writing and speaking. If I can just reach one person I know I'm on the right path, I'm purposed-filled and I have so much to offer.

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