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How To Open Your Mind Onto Paper

The body has limitations but the mind does not

By FRECKLES AND LEMONADE Published 2 years ago 4 min read

You just sit at your desk looking around in frustrated silence for what seems like an eternity before finally muttering out some half-hearted phrase not knowing how this will ever end.

There’s something about sitting at a desk, staring at an empty document that just seems to zap all the creativity right out of you. You try to think of anything and everything that might help get the words flowing, but it just doesn't work.


You try to think over and over again what to write but nothing comes to the surface. You thought you had it but now you’re staring at a blank cursor on a blank paper, or screen. Struggling to come up with words to convey what’s on your mind. You’ve been brainstorming for hours, but nothing seems interesting or original enough.

I had the perfect canvas in front of me. My desk was clean and ready for anything a masterpiece waited just over the horizon! Then something happens far too often and without coincidence. There were words on my screen that weren’t mine, ideas popping up out of nowhere ( none on the subject wanting to write of course) and without warning. The distractions ever growing and began to fill up my headspace where no author could even begin to claim jurisdiction over them. Trying to get the right words out was a chaotic mess I was trying to organize without little success.


There are a few things that have worked for me to open my mind and increase my creativity. First, get rid of all distractions and allow yourself some time to focus. Do something completely different than what you’re used to before getting down to work. I have to allow myself to be playful and experiment with different ideas.

Always keep a thought journal for your thoughts and ideas. I personally like ones with pockets so I can add things like magazine clippings or little notes I have collected throughout the day that give me inspiration. When I can’t think of an idea I will refer back to my Thought Book (Journal)and that always sparks up some creativity. Vision Boards are also essential if you're a visual writer like myself. I like to use vision boards to visually see my intentions. Like this one below. Canva is a great place to get started if you want to make a vision board.

When trying to write down your thoughts,it can help to first take deep breaths and the try to relax your mind. Once you're in more relaxed state, start by writing down the main points or keywords that come to mind when thinking and the topic. Writing cause thinking, thinking creates an image if you can get these images going what you're really doing us building a vision in your mind.

Make time for reflection. Dedicate some time each day to just thinking and brainstorming. This will help you generate new ideas and clear your mind so that prepped and ready to write later.

Take notes as soon as possible after an idea pops into your head. Don't wait until you get home or to the office to try and remember thoughts as they come to you. Keep a small pocket notebook with you and just jot the notes.

It's said that the best way to open your mind is to keep it open! When you're looking for creative writing work, or any type of writing work for that matter, it's important to stay receptive to new ideas and opportunities.

You never know where or when your next great idea will come from. So it's important to keep an open mind and be prepared to advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. It's amazing the ideas I have come up with by just going outside and getting some fresh air.

I usually find that the best way to get started on a writing project is to just start typing even if I have no idea what I'm going to say. Often , just getting the words down on paper will help you to open up.

"Coming together is the Beginning

Staying together is progress

Working together is success"

-Henry Ford

Introducing Creativity

Like everything, it takes practice to get good at anything. Just start with something simple, these simple task will prepare you for the bigger challenges. Too often, we're our own biggest critic. We beat ourselves up for not being perfect and we journey through life feeling like we're not good enough. But the truth is, no one is perfect and that totally ok.

Self care is so important, because it allow us to refuel our tanks when they start running low. When we take care of ourselves mind, body, and soul we're able to show up as our best selves for everyone and everything else in our lives. Also self care has been proven to reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, and boost self esteem.

Quick Recap

The best way to open your mind and be creative is to relax and let the words flow. Sometimes it can be difficult to get started, but if you take breaks and allow yourself time for self-care, you'll find that the ideas will come. I've included a template above that you can use a brainstorming too for your next article, story, or essay. Feel free to copy and paste and print!! By taking a few minutes to complete this exercise, you may find that you have more great ideas than you thought possible. So go ahead and give it a try.

Always thank you for reading

Until next time Stay Curious

Yours Truly Freckles and Lemonade 🍋

Don't forget to like, comment or Follow if you found this information useful or just want to say what you do to get your creative juices flowing!! Until Next time !!!

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