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How to Breeze Through February

Because January Was a Write-Off, Let's Smash February

By SotiraPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read
Top Story - February 2022
How to Breeze Through February
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The new year came with a lot of hope and ambition. New Year's resolutions being broke left us feeling flat and exhausted.

Well, I'm here to tell you a new month comes with new optimism, a refresh and that's exactly how I'm treating February and beyond.

Here are some easy steps to re-align after a long and grey January, these are all steps I'll be taking too!


This one is for my writer family; this is your sign to continue writing! At the start of January, I was writing 3 times a day. Towards the end of the month, I was lucky if I wrote twice a week. It can be really hard to put the time in, especially if you're having a block.

Fortunately, I hit over 1000 views on Medium over a 30 day period and hit my 5k milestone overall. I joined the partner program and earned around $10 (it's a start and will pay for a coffee or two). It gave me a glimpse of hope. I don't want this to fizzle out like those fitness routines, so I'm holding myself accountable. Equally, I'm not hard on yourself when you're not in the right frame of mind to write.

Declutter your space

Spring may not be quite here yet but you know what they say 'clean space, clean mind'. Having an organized space tricks your mind into feeling like you have your sh*t together.

Invest in small pleasures

January was long and you got through it. Investing in a gift for ourselves leaves us with an indulgent feeling of happiness and very much adds to our self-care.

At the start of each month, I buy myself a small gift. It doesn't have to be costly. For me, it's usually a new candle or a crystal. This month I brought a spider plant.

You can grab a coffee, smoothie, chocolate bar, whatever.

Set achievable goals

We generally go big with resolutions when seeing in the new year, soon feeling like it's an impossible task or feeling like we've let ourselves down. A new month is an opportunity to start afresh.

My personal goal for February is to stay hydrated and ensure I'm drinking 2–3 liters of water daily. I've got into a horrible habit of drinking tea and coffee during the winter months. This feels like a bitesize goal but in reality, it's quite challenging but very achievable.

Find people you vibe with

You can feel with the energy is aligned or not quite right with those around you. Lean into that and listen carefully.

I've recently been spending time with friends that lift my spirits, people that understand and love me for my most authentic self. It has been liberating and a firm reminder to stick to those on a positive vibration.

Trust me when I say it makes a world of difference.

Carve out time for yourself

Spending time alone can be scary at first. Between working full time, family, relationships; I found it difficult to make time for myself, now it's my number one priority.

Spending time alone doesn't necessarily mean sitting in a room alone. It can be in the form of a park walk with a coffee, a fitness group, a solo trip. Being in your own thoughts will allow you to process life events, bring peace as well as connect with yourself.


I hope you've enjoyed reading some of the things I do at the start of each month. Wishing you all a wonderful February.

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  • Nour Boustani2 years ago

    I love spending time alone; it clarifies my thinking and gets me more focused. I guess it's because I'm an introvert by nature. Thanks for sharing, Sotira.

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