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How to be better and more productive

Everyone has 24 hours in a day and yet some people do more than other. How to be like them

By Akshat HatwalPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
How to be better and more productive
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In this world there are people who work at a level which is just better than us and they are the ones who accomplish their goals. You don't even need to search for people like this 90% of the people reading this. Will have one classmate or colleague who just is able to get more work done and still has time to enjoy his life.

Well now that you have found those people lets start with

How they are able to do this ?

A famous book How to become a Straight A Student by Cal Newport has a famous formula in it the formula is

work accomplished = time spent * intensity of focus

Now in this time spent can be taken as constant because all of us have 24 hour in day but the main factor is the intensity of focus. You can work for 12 hours a day but if your intensity of focus is 1 you will easily get out done by someone who did work for 4 hour with a intensity of 4.

How to implement this in real life

To implement this in your life think of ranking your time spent between a scale of 1 - 24 hours (obviously) and your intensity of focus from 1 to 5. But this is just the theory part how are you supposed to increase your intensity of focus. Well there a few simple steps for that

Steps to increase focus

  1. Set up a ideal work environment
  2. Remove all forms of distraction from your ideal workspace
  3. Block out the world many research and papers will tell you that working without any sort of music is the best way that's true but we are humans and we require music. So I would say that use some noise canceling headphones or air pods and put some lofi music without any vocals in it to block out this world.
  4. One of the most important step and the one which has certainly helped me is keeping a notepad next to you in which as soon as a thought which isn't related to your work you write that down and free your mind.
  5. One of the biggest misconceptions is doing pseudo-work or multi tasking even though it may sound like you are doing more you are actually doing less than you would if you did just one thing. Instead what I would do is do multi-tasking on shallow works which are work which don't require a lot of concentration to be done and while doing deep work just do one thing.

That's the part about work done but one of the main reason we are not able to accomplish as much is because of procrastination.

So here are some tips for procrastination.

  1. Decide one task which you have to do by the end of day and if you are not able to do that. WRITE THE REASON. This is going to seriously trigger your ego and force you to complete your work.
  2. Replace words like I have to with - I choose talk to don't make anything feel like you are doing it against your will
  3. If you don't feel like doing anything just start with small steps and or break your task down into a task of 5 min and just start doing them telling yourself only going to do it for 5 min
  4. Make it a game reward yourself when you do complete your work its going to make everything feel better

How to manage your day and time

Often we fail to realize the fact how much free time we actually have and think we are not able to do thing because of not having any time but this simple exercise will actually make you aware of how much time you actually have make a work progress journal get a journal or even a piece of paper and write down a minute by minute entry of what you do. This is going to show how much time you actually have and how much you are not using efficiently and if you really don't have much time then try and find out what things are using a lot of your time and try and eliminate them.

  1. Every day before the day begins plan your day ahead of time and set up blocks in your calendar and follow that
  2. Whenever a new task appears in your to do list and add it to a separate list these are going to go in your tomorrow calendar.

Following this you should have a huge improvement in your productivity. Good luck on your journey.

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Thank you for your time hope you have a good day.

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