How bad do you want it?

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Asking yourself how badly do you want something. Along with how far are you going to go to make it happen.

How bad do you want it?

There is something you desire.. You don’t have to say it or even tell me. Write it down, if desired. Maybe you won’t have enough paper or time to write everything down about EVERY LITTLE THING you desire. Don’t feel guilty for not writing it down or anything of the sort. We all have lives we got to live that need our daily attention. Why dream about those desires when you may thing that they may not come true? For example: dream desires, travel desires, job desires. You certainly can achieve anything you set your mind to. Leave doubt, worry, fear and negativity in the past. Let the shining future be warming to your daily life, knowing tomorrow can be better than today; when we think positively.

With those desires, are you going to just let them be dreams or are you put plans into action into achieving those dreams? What troubles are stopping you from starting, following through, etc?

What are you willing to do to achieve those dreams? Lose your dignity, Lose your pride, your ego, play paypal games, do odd end jobs to pay the bills, change your beliefs?; it’s up to you.

It’s up to you what you’re willing to gain and lose to achieve your desires. Also think to yourself before going after your desires, just as a helper; is this going to help me in the long run, why am I desiring this, what does this desire mean to me, why do I want to achieve this and how badly do I want it? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself too.

Plans to Dreams/Desires into action!

Here comes in with the SMART and SUCCESS Planning for setting goals

More Logical way to plan your goals

(It’s best to write it down and put it somewhere you can see it):

Image found on link:


S: Specific

-Be specific as you can be!

-What do you want for your goals? What is your topic/subject? Who, what, when, where, and, why? Are included in this section.


-Be able to measure out your successes

-Would you be able to see and mark your stepping stones in achievements?


-Something you can achieve/attain

-This can be from the littlest things while doing smart (or SUCCESS) format to the things that can challenge you to go further than you can imagine. By taking smaller easier steps.


-The reason behind the goal

-Why is this goal important to you to be achieved? How important is it to you? How determined are you to achieve it?


-Length of time to complete the goal

-Set up how long or estimate of how long you want to work on the goal; within humanly reason. Remember small steps are nothing to be ashamed of.

The story some of us were told as a kid about the turtle and the bunny/ tortoise and the hare; the race between them. Of how the bunny/hare was always in a hurry to get to the end and the turtle won by slow and steady.. The journey is more of a joy that way too. <3

Want another way to see SUCCESS? Not just saying how SMART you really are? :D

Here is the SUCCESS planning method for you, if you want another way that will work out for your liking.

More of a Visual and mental way to help work towards your goal layout.


S- Seeing your goal

-Visualize your dream/goal

-Make picture books or files of your dreams, write descriptions, also draw them if you can’t find them, make a video of what you hope to be like or what you desire to be etc. Use your imagination on how you want to visualize your dream/goal.

U-Understand the obstacles

-Note there will be issues in and on the journey

-Write down the possible issues that may pop up, how are you going to handle them when they do, and what sources are you going to use to resolve them.

C-Create a Positive Mental Picture

-Surround yourself with positivity about your dream/goal

-Gather healthy and happy ways to acchieve your dream goals, remind yourself of Who what, when, where, and why you started this dream/goal. Imagine how your going to feel once you have achieved another stepping stone and have completed the goal. How rewarding is that going to be! Despite all the hard, sweat, tears, frustration, emotions, struggles, you will have made your goals come true! Which leads us to the next “C” in success.

C-Clear your head of any self doubt (or fear)

-Don’t doubt yourself

-Negative thoughts/ words doesn’t even have to begin to enter your vocabulary, let alone your mind! Positivity, let that radiate through you like a candle burning bright. Even when you begin the think you can’t do something, tell those thoughts to “Hit the road, Jack.” And and don’t come back! You are a phenomenal person! Despite what anyone has told you in the past! When it’s hard for you to grasp this, again it’s okay, baby steps. I put fear along with this because don’t let fear hold you back either from living your life.

E-Embrace the Challenge

-Enjoy the Journey!

-Everyone has a different view of things and life. Looking at things through different eyes, seeing how they see will give you a new perspective. So, don’t rush the journey. Look at all the beautiful details from different perspectives, you might learn or find something new that you didn’t before.

S-Stay on track

-Keep record? Stay focused on the goal

-Keep a schedule, chart, plan, notebook, how ever you want to record the progress and timelines, stay up to date with deadlines too. Make sure there are consequences if you don’t make an end date, and when you do, a little treat for the self.

S-Show whomever you want you can do it

-Showing people your achievements

-Allowing people to see your achievements allows more praise and lets others know that you have achieved your goals. Also possibly motivating others to press for their goals too. Warning that there will be nay sayers though you already knew that. Keeping people updated also lets others know what you are up to and is a nice way to start/keep conversations going. So it helps with friendships too.

Yes. With plans there will be side tracks and roads we didn’t know we needed to take to make the journey even more successful. All the more beauty in the journey.

Excited for you to achieve your goals and dreams, making them reality!

Hope this made an impact on your life today and the days to come,


-Just a little something to brighten your day:

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