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What do you want to create?

by Roseinbloom 2 months ago in advice

What do you want to make of your life or do each day to create something beautiful that makes you happy?

What do you want to create?
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The question is always given to us at many points in our lives; What do you want to do with your life? We get sick of hearing this so often that at times doubt comes into our minds. Making us wonder are we doing what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. I'm not here to tell you whether your doing it right or wrong. We all have rocky roads and paths we need to take to get to where we are destined to be. Yes, there are going to be times we won't like where we are and be frustrated. Though there are those times, we will overcome them! Seeing the sunshine and happiness in between. Then when looking back at times you'll find peace knowing why you went through why you went through what you did. As I write this let's get to having fun thinking about why we want to create things or how we want to create our lives. --Shall we?

Ever had the urge to do something new, change your lifestyle, live somewhere completely different, be someone else, bring forth positivity and light where there was darkness? And more than that? You're probably thinking yes, I have thought of these before. What does this have to do with what your talking about?

This has to with creating, changing.

Doing something new-

A new hobby to try is fun and exciting to do to break away from the cycle of life. To explore options of what you do and don't like. Finding out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Broadens your horizons in many ways!

Wanting to live somewhere completely different than where you do now?

This is a tough one to answer- The different answers that could be answered to this. The logical part is of the money, time, prepare, is it worth it, etc. The dreamer and faith side part is go for it, take the chance, you don't know what life has in store for you, go with your gut, and pray.

A way to help with this might be read books that take you away on an adventure to escape from the reality of life. That way you feel like your traveling, yet you are not physically in a sense. Write a story, play a writing game with friends or other people where they can only read the line above. Continuing on for only a certain time limit. The next person that gets it will continue the story on. Stopping when you want to or when the page is front and back filled. Your choice. Use a note book with this, makes things easier for people to write and read, fold etc. Another way is to travel locally and go different places you usually wouldn't go to. Take a different way than you normally do on a trip.

Wanting to be someone else because of multiple reasons or curiosities?

First, take a deep breath slowly and let it out calmly. Close your eyes and repeat this process until you feel relaxed and clear minded to answer this question yourself.

Why do you want to be someone else?

Think about it for awhile. Even days if you want. Write down what your thinking. Evaluate the situations in your life of when you wanted to be yourself yet you felt as though you weren't able to be; for any reason. Jot those down to or record them vocally, if preferred.

Then when it is needed, think about the times you were yourself without hesitation. Was it in a healthy way or not? How did it make you feel to be your actual self without all the negative thoughts in your head even when those around you had negative things to say? At that time none of those words affected you. What did you feel like? Any kind of sensations, thoughts, feelings, write them down or record them in any way.

There are those people who have tender hearts. Loving people who others don't think they deserve any kind of love. Even when someone who has done them wrong, that tender hearted person would forgive them and love them despite what they had done. It's a hard thing to do in this world when influenced by others who don't do the same thing. There are people who don't have tender hearts that want to see good happen. Those who may be angry and bitter acting, they are hurting on the inside just like all of us do when we get into the grumpy, depressed moods- though they have been having a harder time letting go of it. That same kind of people still have a heart as we all do. They may not show it as easily as others, but those people still want good to happen.

Let us continue to bring the sunshine where it is needed. Put a smile on someone's face today. You don't know who you will impact.

I hope this impacted you today and the days to come,


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You never know who your going to impact, give a smile or a wave today. :) <3

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