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Find Yourself to Grow

How do you "grow through it"?

By Leah EllaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Mindful Meditation Morning

Today is the day for love according to Western societal culture, other known as Valentine's Day. I wrote an article leading up to today. How am I feeling today? I'm single and embracing self-love in new ways every, single, day. I woke up to get coffee and my roommate and her new fiance greeted me. She had her hand up showcasing her new ring. After taking it in and giving hugs, I sighed a sense of relief and in that moment, I felt more comforted than I thought I would. You may already know that I've been single for the past 5 months so relatively newly single and I've been learning a lot about myself and relationships in general from that relationship. You can wish for love but you can't force love. Wanting love doesn't guarantee having love especially when another person is involved. I knew that I could no longer look for love in my partner and today I'm finally at peace with that.

Today is a great day for a wellness check in. I woke up with a bit of anxiety in the pit of my stomach. I had an emotional day and night yesterday and it carried into my arrival today. Enjoy some meditation music with me in my video. I bought a tongue drum last week. I'm committed to following my intuition and right now I want to create meditation music, little by little. I love music, I just never gave it a place to grow in my life until now. I would love to learn how to play the piano this year and who knows what other instruments, time will tell.

I also started a new job as a Home Health Aide to a stroke survivor. I was weary about working with this couple because I have healing energy that unfortunately zaps me of my own personal energy. Thankfully, we are beginning with just 2 days out of the week and an on call schedule. I had to ease into this new relationship. It's very intimate and I'm not only helping the person who is in a state of recovery, I'm also supporting the partner. Things seemed aligned, we have so many similar interests and passions including career aspirations. I really lucked out. The partner who found me did a great job picking me to uplift his partner's spirit. I am essentially her right brain that no longer operates as it used to. I am essentially her left body that no longer moves the way it used to. It makes me feel emotional and happy at the same time. I must stay mindful of boundaries and that is where yoga and meditation, especially meditation music, has become a major part of my process.

I'm in a state of healing as is the world. A lot of us are grieving the persons we were, transforming into butterflies, still in the cocoon stage. Some of us are grieving our partners physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are all one, we are the human race. No matter what we see on the news and what scares us half to death, this is a fact that we must stay conscious about. Find yourself to grow.

I made a new friend a couple days ago that I immediately felt a spiritual connection to. He was all set to teach a yoga session on zoom but I was the only person who showed up to the virtual class, so he cancelled it and we got acquainted instead. If I didn't open up my world to healing, yoga and mindfulness, our paths would not have crossed. I'm so thankful today for everyone who plays an active part in my life. The daily interactions I have with powerful people, though small are nothing short of significant. They keep me going, keep me positive and keep me fighting the insanity of what life resembles at present.

Life is hard and it will only get more difficult, however, we as human beings have malleable brain power and are able to adapt and "grow through," getting stronger with each experience that we face. This is my personal invitation to you to go within. You will find a place of strength and comfort that only you can give to yourself. A place where you are no longer wanting... I love this place of accepting what is and surrendering to it peacefully. Namaste. Happy Sunday and Happy Valentine's Day.


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