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You have the capacity.

By Ditra GravesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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Photo by Attentie Attentie on Unsplash

Often when a person hears support you think monetary contributions. Support doesn’t mean just finances it could be encouragement. I would have never thought in 2012 when my parents told the family my mom had breast cancer that years later, I would still be talking about it and encouraging other women and their families.

My mom kept the diagnosis from us for almost two months. I remember being upset that she kept it from us. But truly looking back she had to ponder for the delivery. As a parent, how do you deliver a message or a diagnosis such as cancer to your children? Can you even prepare for that? The answer is you can’t. I remember my parents presented as unified front, looking back I believe that was the best way to share the diagnosis. When they told us they were calm and clear. But I sit and think about the fact that continued with their daily lives for two months holding that information in.

When my mom had her mastectomy, I had just transitioned to a new job. I was working during the day and would leave work and go to the hospital to sit with her, many times until she had dinner and then I went home to prepare for the next day. My mom was hospitalized for a few weeks, then the treatments started. Shortly after that my mom required a knee replacement which required her to go to rehabilitation. It felt like hits just kept coming but I had to be flexible even when it meant I felt like I was being presses beyond my capacity. My parents needed me!

During the entire process I believe one of the biggest things that came up was food. The biggest hurtle was the changing of her diet. Alot of the foods that she ate prior to the diagnosis simply did not agree with her even though she would try to eat it any way. Many of the foods she would try to eat where just too heavy, or the smell made her sick.

Treatments and medicine did not agree with how my mom ate… cheeseburgers, fried chicken and much more had to go. By the grace my mom and my family, we kicked cancer in the head and dragged it to the grave. My mom has been cancer free for so many years by the and she is living the good life.

My parents took hits throughout life, I’ve only spoken of a few, and they made it! My mom took hits throughout her life prior to meeting my father. She came from a family of 18 siblings, yes you read correct... 18, but with the grace she made it!

All things are possible! Sometimes we take healing as healing the natural body. Sometimes healing means the releasing of offense from the soul. Other times healing can be a spiritual healing. My uncle passed from cancer a few years later. We didn't get to spend much time with him in his final days, I think he was keeping the pain to himself. While we lost a loved one in the physical, we knew he BUT he was healed and left a beautiful legacy.

At the end of it all we are so much stronger than what we initially believed. I think of all my parents have survived. How much more is in me?! Think on that for yourself. Whatever you are facing or will face you have to focus on the fact that you have been in difficult situations before. You are resilient, you are a warrior, you are a fighter! You will win if you do not quit.


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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Super!!! Excellent story!!!

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