Emotional Wellness Coaching. What Is It?

by Charmaine Cooper 8 months ago in healing

Emotional Wellness

I provide daily tips on how to improve the single driving force behind the quality of your life. And that is the power of choice. One of the crucial factors that cause us so much pain is the level of consciousness that we use in the way we make these choices. We believe that we are making decisions based on reality and facts but we are not. We are unconsciously making decisions based on past experiences that we have stored in our subconscious and replay every day. So our choices are a repeat of past experiences and therein lies our pain. Its caused by the meaning we have attached to the thought which then prompts us to act. And very often the meaning we give is based on a past event. Others may trigger our pain and suffering because we are viewing their actions with a past memory. So we are living in a past that is providing us with a predictable future and we punish ourselves even more because we don't see any change. So in the words of Tony Robbins, what we focus on is what we feel. What we feel moves us into action. So if we keep focusing on the same experiences, we will continue to have the same predictable experiences. My desire is to help people break the pattern of the past and to start creating a future that is one of joy.

Our minds are our master and not our bodies yet we have our bodies to make our choices. The body is your unconscious mind and will operate based on what it has been programmed to do largely due to repetition of events. So if you have programmed it to fear, mistrust, anger etc that is what it will produce. The slave has become the master and we don't realize it. Have you ever noticed that when you consciously make a choice to change something in your life and you all fired up and later you end up talking yourself out of it. You look for all the excuses as to why you can't. That's your body saying hey that's not my program I have been used to all these years and then pulls you back to the program it is used to because its job is to keep you safe however it can only keep you safe based on what you have programmed into it. So you need to reprogram it to the future you want. This takes time but if you are aware of what the body will tell you and override it, you will have a new joyful program where the mind is in control and not the body.

So how can you start with making the mind the master? Firstly it starts with meditation. Meditation slows the mind and makes the body sit still. Get up in the morning and change your routine. Instead of grabbing your phone, getting coffee, taking a shower, etc., dedicate a certain amount of time investing in habits that are more joyous. Watch a YouTube funny video or a motivational video. Read a passage of a book that brings you closer to your goal. Close your eyes and listen to music that elevates your emotional state. Send a message to the universe about your desires and gratitude. Take a 20 minute walk and smile at the people you pass. Say thank you just because and start treating people as good as you are.

Start noticing the things that make you smile and do more of those. And lastly, the fastest way to create happiness for yourself is to create for another.

Happy days

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