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Embracing the Gray: Lessons from a Missed Day

Reflections on Goals, Grace, and Moving Forward

By Jennifer Lancaster @jenergy17Published 2 months ago 3 min read
Embracing the Gray: Lessons from a Missed Day
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Day 53/366 days of writing and publishing pieces in 2024. Oops! I missed a day. And it’s okay. I forgive myself and move on. It was going to happen eventually.

The day came and I knew it would. I didn't write and publish a piece yesterday, the first day I've missed so far. I had even written two rough drafts the day before, hoping to get one up, but they were both for the Love Unraveled Challenge and needed some reworking. I didn’t want to just throw them up knowing they weren’t complete.

I knew yesterday wouldn't be the day I got a piece up. There was too much energy I needed for other projects. I had an art show, which I had previously written about prepping for, (read about it here) and I was at the venue from 9am to 5:30pm. By the end of it, I was completely spent. Exhausted, I thought about trying to write something after, but ultimately decided to surrender to the need to unplug. My body needed it. So did my mind. So, I indulged in a simple pleasure - unpacking my art with a friend, enjoying a takeout Mexican food and some beers, and then soaking in a long bath to reflect on the event.

As I soaked in the tub, I pondered on what I had learned from the art show. What would I do differently next time? How could I make it better? How could I better support myself in the process? What would I do with the profit I had made? I made notes in my phone, then went to bed early, knowing that a good night's sleep was exactly what I needed. I slept 12 hours!

I didn't write a piece yesterday, despite it being one of my goals to write and publish daily in 2024, and I'm okay with that. It reminded me of the advice I often give to my personal training and coaching clients - if you miss a goal, it's okay. Just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward. Life is full of shades of gray, not just black and white. Sometimes you have to switch gears and give yourself what you need for self-care rather than pushing through and I think it’s important to listen to that. Things will happen, but it's all about taking the next step towards your goal after the rest even if you've missed a day.

Today I woke up refreshed and ready to write. Who knows, I may write two pieces today. It’s early. Maybe I’ll rework my drafts and one of them will be ready. Maybe not. Maybe while I’m out doing things some random inspiration will come through about something I don’t even know yet. Creativity works like that sometimes. My only job is to stay open.

So, as I reflect on the missed day of writing, I am reminded that goals need to be fluid sometimes and are just part of the journey. It's important to embrace them, learn from them, and keep moving forward. The art show taught me that sometimes taking a break and giving yourself some grace is just as important as pushing towards your goals. And with that lesson in mind, I am ready to tackle the next day of writing with renewed energy and determination.

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