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A Look Into Prepping For My Upcoming Art Show

By Jennifer Lancaster @jenergy17Published 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 5 min read
Prismatic Toasting Series by Me

Day 51/366 of writing pieces in 2024. I hope this piece helps another creative with putting more of themselves and their work into the world.

As I prepare for an upcoming art show, I find myself immersed in a new and demanding experience. This collaboration is unlike any I have encountered before, pushing me beyond my comfort zone and teaching me valuable lessons along the way.

The seed of this opportunity was planted in my mind nearly 10 months ago when I first set my sights on the venue. A place I have long admired, owned by someone I have a history with. I used to work for the owner a decade ago when I was deeply involved in the restaurant industry, particularly in fine dining across the country. My passion for wine, cultivated through years of experience, aligns perfectly with the setting of this art show - a well-established wine shop and bar with a loyal following and a stellar reputation in the industry.

This venue, in operation for 22 years, has garnered recognition in prestigious publications like Wine Spectator Magazine and is renowned as a top destination for wine enthusiasts in the DC area. My vision to showcase my art here stems not only from my personal connection to the owner but also from a desire to leverage his extensive network. The proximity to my home, the allure of the space, and its alignment with my passions make it a perfect fit for my artistic endeavors.

The idea of pitching my art show to the owner had been lingering in the depths of my mind, waiting for the perfect moment to surface. Initially, I had set a goal to approach him with twelve wine-focused pieces completed. However, as time passed, only three pieces materialized, as my creative energy was pulled in various directions. As 2023 drew to a close, my thoughts turned towards my aspirations for 2024 - a year of increased visibility, more exhibitions, and fruitful collaborations that tapped into well-established networks.

In the midst of planning a trip to Art Basel and a relaxing stay in Florida afterward, a serendipitous encounter at the owner's wine bar changed the course of my artistic journey. A casual lunch visit unexpectedly led to a warm pitch of my idea, met with openness and a prompt arrangement for a meeting. Subsequently, a social media interaction and a display of my new pieces sealed the deal, leading to enthusiastic approval from the owner to proceed with the art show.

Over the past two months, I have delved into creating new wine-inspired artworks, experimenting with a new style (3D bottle art) in seven pieces. You can see my first one here. Seeking guidance and expertise, I enlisted the help of two artists - one to impart necessary skills and another to add specialized wiring to the pieces. Through dedicated Saturdays spent at the wine bar, engaging with patrons and networking, I have already secured sales for two of the showcased artworks. See them below.

Right Bank (art by me)

P.M. (art by me)

While initially aiming for a specific date aligned with "Global Wine Drinking Day," the owner's strategic suggestion to postpone the event by a week proved insightful. By coinciding with a wine tasting event featuring Oregon Region wines, known for drawing substantial foot traffic, the art show is poised to attract a larger audience. The shop's promotional efforts, including newsletter announcements and website features, coupled with enticing wine deals, further enhance the anticipation and buzz surrounding the upcoming exhibition.

Collaboration Lessons Learned and Preparations Unveiled

One of the most valuable lessons I've gleaned through this journey is the power of collaboration, especially with familiar faces and local connections. Partnering with individuals who possess an established network has been instrumental in shaping the success of the upcoming art show. Seeking assistance for the day if the event, from four trusted individuals, all with backgrounds in the restaurant industry and a shared passion for wine, has proven to be a strategic move.

Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills to the table. From wine expertise to event management experience, their collective knowledge has been invaluable in preparing for the show. Notably, one team member with a film background is adept at capturing visual content for social media, while another with an art background offers creative insights and support.

In addition to ignite, logistical support plays a crucial role in the execution of the event. Arrangements for transporting the artwork have been meticulously handled, ensuring a smooth transition on the day of the show. A detailed outline of key tasks and responsibilities has been crafted to streamline operations and maintain a cohesive event flow.

To generate buzz and engage with a wider audience, strategic promotion efforts have been underway for the past six weeks. Leveraging social media platforms, personal invitations, and email campaigns targeted at clients from my professional sphere, the show has garnered significant interest and anticipation.

While initially focused on showcasing wine-inspired pieces, a decision was made to incorporate a selection of artworks reflecting my diverse passions. This curated mix adds depth and variety to the exhibition, appealing to a broader audience. By creating a dedicated Facebook event and extending invitations across social media platforms, the reach and impact of the show have been amplified, setting the stage for a memorable and engaging artistic experience.

As artists, we are not solitary creators but part of a vibrant community that thrives on collaboration and support. Embracing the power of working with those who share our vision and passion can elevate our art and expand our reach in ways we never imagined. By surrounding ourselves with individuals who bring diverse skills and perspectives to the table, we enrich our creative process and open doors to new possibilities.

As you embark on your own artistic endeavors, remember the value of building a strong network of collaborators and allies. Seek out local talents, tap into established networks, and never hesitate to ask for help when needed. Together, we can create art that resonates deeply with audiences, fosters meaningful connections, and leaves a lasting impact on the world around us.

May your artistic journey be filled with inspiration, collaboration, and boundless creativity. Here's to embracing new partnerships, exploring uncharted territories, and making your mark in the ever-evolving landscape of art. Cheers to the exciting adventures that lie ahead, and may your art continue to shine bright and inspire others along the way.

My hopes is to continue expanding the rest of this year and continue to write about what I’ve learned, hopefully helping other artists to grow and get more of their work into the world.

If you live in the D.C. area and love art and wine then please join us this Saturday for Art Uncorked. Details here. 02/24/2024 11am-4pm

Wine Cellars of Annapolis

1410 Forest Dr, Annapolis, MD 21403


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