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Does The Reason For Change Matter?

Life has ways and reasons for forcing positive changes.

By Annelise Lords Published 3 months ago 3 min read
Image by Annelise Lords

Watching Cold Case two mornings ago, Detective Lilly Rush, a.k.a. Kathryn Morris, and Detective Scotty Valens, a.k.a. Danny Pino, were investigating a cold case. They brought several people connected to the case of a young man found dead in the streets of their community more than twenty-five years ago. According to the investigation, he was hit by someone driving a car. It took new technology for them to find the real cause of death, which was poison, and the fact that he was already dead when he was hit.

One of the suspects was a female whose information was in their file and was questioned and thought of as a suspect at that time. They didn’t have sufficient evidence to charge her, then. Detective Lily Rush and Detective Scotty Valens took the time to explain to her that she wasn’t responsible for the death of a young man that she thought she killed many years ago.

She was an alcoholic at the time and driving under the influence.

In tears, she said, “I stopped drinking one week later and cleaned up myself and my life. Now knowing that I wasn’t responsible, I feel for a gin and tonic.”

They both stared at her in shock, exchanging glances while reading each other’s thoughts.

She had been sober for more than twenty years. Change her life for the better. The one thing that was keeping her sober was guilt. The guilt of knowing that she contributed to the death of another human being.

The casting was perfect, and she was a damn good actress too, because I could read and sense her pain. Her facial expression showed someone who had been tortured by pain and regret for years.

Now that the guilt is removed, she wants to go back on a path of destruction. Her first thought and response were the desire for a drink. A taste of alcohol that she hadn’t touched for more than twenty years.

Nothing speaks the truth like an involuntary action.

My curiosity demands, “All of us have one thing in life that prevents us from harming ourselves or others. Guilt, fate, love, hate, whatever it is, if it’s removed, would you go back on a path of sure destruction?”

Knowing that you are innocent of whatever life forced you to change, if you love your life now and the change you made was positive, why go back?

Alcoholism is a disease that has destroyed lives, relationships, families, jobs, careers, and other areas of life and living. And the destruction outlived many generations. My father was an alcoholic. He drank and caused a fire at his house in Miami. A neighbor saw smoke coming from his house and called 911, then rushed over there. He had to break down the door to save his life. He was on the floor, drunk. He was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. He died of renal failure because of years of alcohol abuse.

Some diseases are inherited.

I have two sisters who followed in his footsteps. Their lives and their children’s lives are affected too.

Something or someone powerful enough often forced many to sober up.

After more than twenty years of torturing herself for a mistake she made, her first instinct is to venture back into what contributed to her pain.

Life has ways and reasons for forcing positive changes. Being sober and staying that way is a positive change.

Does the reason for change matter?

If life forced you to change and you did to save your life and others, then something removes the stick life held over your head for decades. Would you go back to what you were denied?

Humans are hard to understand.

It’s like a man imprisoned for twenty years for a crime he didn’t commit, and when he is freed, pardoned, and compensated for the wrongs done to him, he goes out into the world and commits the crime he was wrongfully convicted for.

Humans are strange people.

If the one reason or thing that prevented you from jumping over the edge and destroying yourself was removed, would you still jump?

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

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