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by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 17 days ago in success / self help / how to / goals / advice
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Boredom Should Not Be Tolerated By Us


I keep seeing people saying that they are bored, nothing else, just they are bored. I can get bored myself, sometimes I have to do things that are boring but I try to find ways to make them interesting. I could just write a list and submit it to Vocal as a poem because one hundred words is not difficult to write, but I always make things harder for myself.

Doing this I feel like a parent, taskmaster, boss or teacher but this is as much for myself as my audience who will hopefully get something out of this. I am already past a hundred words so I will write a haiku before hitting the list. I hope you enjoy this and find something in here to relieve your boredom (though I hope that I won't bore you).

Here is the kick-off Haiku

No Need To Be Bored

There Are Lots Of Things To Do

Find One That Suits You

How Not To Be Bored

Boring Tasks

When I am faced with a boring task I promise myself a reward when I finish the said task. Sometimes you can do it without thinking but sometimes you have to concentrate on what you are doing, but weave into that the pleasure you will give yourself when you are complete.

Waiting For Something To Happen

This is usually difficult, if I am waiting for a bus I often decide to walk to the next stop (sometimes missing the bus I was waiting for but making myself a little fitter), if you are waiting for someone to come and fix something for you or to meet you for a social occasion try and take in your surroundings, look for something to catch your eye, think of a song or a piece of music you like, or even call a friend if you have a phone handy, they will understand if you have to leave when the person you are waiting for turns up.

Bored At Home

As long as you are not having a power cut and have access to things that you need there are lots of things that you can do. Listen to music, read a book, write a poem, watch TV, cook. If you you have an internet connection (which I know you do if you are reading this, unless someone printed it off and gave you a copy) then you have the biggest reference library ever available to you to find recipes and anything else that might interest you.

Are You Really Bored?

If you are reading this then you are not bored at this point in time because you have something in front of you that is keeping you occupied for at least the next five minutes..

The fact that I am writing this means that I am not bored because I am doing something that I enjoy, that is sharing ideas with you. You might not agree with me, you may find some of my suggestions tedious even, but doing things does stave off that monster we hate, boredom.

Today I went out for a walk and some lines came into my head and I thought that they were a perfect start for a Remembrance Poem. I don’t know if anyone likes it at this moment in time but I am expecting people to say good things about it.


To be honest I have forgotten the last time I was bored. I have found things boring, but always found ways to stimulate my interest, and I believe that you can do the same.

There is really no reason to be bored because we live in a world where we have so many opportunities to stimulate ourselves.

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  • Denise E Lindquist17 days ago

    So true ... I was told if you are bored it is because you're boring 😂

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